Easy not love

Eric has told Donna it is easy being with her.

Eric told Quinn it was easy being with Donna.

Not once has Eric say he loves Donna. Or did I miss it?

Yes, sometimes easy is more enjoyable than working on the marriage of the one you love.

Eric took the easy way out.


I think he said he loves her a few times.

Ok. I don’t remember him saying it.

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I don’t think he did……he did tell Quinn that she charmed him, and he fell for her Witt, her beauty and her intellect…:face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Well he is giving all that up for Donna’s dumb, dumb, dumb…silly old man.,.he deserves all he gets, and hopefully that is dropping dead tonight while having dinner with the blonde bimbo….


He told Donna he loves her while in bed with her. How many Logan women has Eric told he loves them? He’s gross.


A mother and two of the mother’s three daughters.


Eric told Quinn that she had wit and charm and intelligence and talent, but he wants to be with Donna because it’s “easy.” That pretty much says everything you need to know about him.


Yes he has told her .

They missed a golden opportunity. When Eric said ‘it’s easy’, Quinn should have said 'You mean, she’s easy! But, alas, it wasn’t that kind of conversation.

Also, I would have taken a big offense to someone telling me they wanted to be with someone else because it’s easier. It makes it sound like he thinks Quinn is a horrid person. I think what he really means is that it has become a struggle to hold on to their marriage after Quinn had the affair(s.) I guess it’s ok to get a divorce because things aren’t ‘easy’ but I think it’s in the vows somewhere, right? Through good times and bad… Oops!


:rofl::rofl::rofl: Love your post.

ED is a strong symptom of heart disease. Numbnuts Eric has been taking Viagra since 2008. How has he not yet keeled over from a stroke or heart attack? Or diabetes from all that honey consumption. Donna certainly does not care about his health. He has already been hospitalized before.

That whole conversation Eric had with Quinn was very nauseating, insulting and down right disrespectful. The only thing Quinn told Donna was to shut up and it was in a normal tone. When does Quinn get to lay into him? Like REALLY lay into him. She warned Donna to stay away from Eric. Donna didn’t listen. I would love to see Quinn go ballistic on her.

The thing is, Eric did not even seem sorry. He does not care about Quinn’s happiness. He said he was going to tell her everything tonight, knowing she loved Carter. He was punishing her. He was going to wait until Carter was married to tell her, so she would be alone. He only brought up Carter now to deflect the fact that he was fornicating with dumb Donna.


Of course it’s easy being with Donna. She’s an airhead! :roll_eyes::rofl: