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Drunk alexis

Alexis had only been served one drink…so I don’t think she wasn’t really sober when she made her accusations against him…She needs to stop this because she is unnecessarily hurting others…

That is just her lashing out because she is hurting and wants to make someone else hurt too. She went to him, his bar, he didn’t have to hunt her down to cross paths with her… she came to him. She was looking for a fight and he let her take all that hurt and anger out on him, and I think she knew he would let her. She asked him to leave her alone and he said he cannot. I think that is part of her problem too… she can not leave him alone either. She doesn’t want to have these feelings for him but she can’t make them stop either. That is why she went to him but attack him at the same time. Just my opinion.

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Very astute observation! :smile:

You are probably right in her motivation but it still sucks that she would completely unload on Julian for a situation she created. Julian was far too nice to her when he should have told her she makes a lousy, sloppy, obnoxious drunk and tossed her out immediately. I get why Julian took all the venom she aimed at him because he still cares for her. But he shouldn’t have to stand there and take that crap coming out of her mouth.


You are right… Julian doesn’t HAVE to take all that rage aimed his way, but he does because he still cares for her just as much as she cares for him. The difference is he just wants to make it better for her and she just wants all these feelings to go away. Unfortunately for Alexis, it hasn’t gone away in four years no matter who or what has been going on. Julian knows that she is hurting and it is hurting him just as much to watch her suffer so he allows her to attack him if that is what she needs to feel better. Once it was clear that she wasn’t going to let him help her, he did kick her out and threaten to call her girls so he wasn’t being a complete push over.

You have made a good case for her…but Julian shouldn’t have to put up with her nuisance anymore…so, I am glad that he kicked her out of his bar. Although…he is getting a backbone too late…lol…:upside_down_face:

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It always seems that people who have an addiction of some kind (alcohol, drugs, etc.) focus their rage and frustration on those who are the closest to them. I’ve been on the receiving end of an alcoholic rage and it isn’t pretty. But, you don’t have to allow the user to denigrate you; you can just walk away. Julian’s motivations are entirely pure because he does care for Alexis but he isn’t doing her any favors by just standing there being her punching bag. He could have put it back to her by telling her he is not the sole reason her life has gone south and that it was her own decisions that put her here. He did eventually tell her to leave but he should have done it much sooner. When Alexis is forced to realize that she can’t lay all the blame on Sam, Julian, or anybody else perhaps she will seek real help.

Oh I absolutely agree with you that Julian should have told Alexis that her decisions put her here! Just because I understand why he let her rage at him doesn’t mean I agree with him letting her get away with it for as long as he did. I was just saying that I think the scenes show just how much Julian still cares for Alexis and that Alexis is far from over Julian as well.

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So I have to agree…a 180 from a couple of months ago I know. Drunk Alexis was hilarious yesterday with Finn.

“The b!#€% is back”

“We slept together & he didn’t die!”

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Hating this drunk Alexis s/l because there is no end in sight. It is not comedic in any way, just obnoxious. Very difficult to watch, especially during the holidays. Some of us do have negative memories with substance using friends and family. Watching drunk Alexis helps us relive painful moments. Thanks, writers!

Please give Alexis a meaningful s/l that establishes her as an independent person. So tired of seeing her be dependent on a man. The writers put her together with almost every man, hoping that one pairing will be okay. Sorry, but none of them work.


Yep…not funny at all! :rage:

I cringe at the scenes of Alexis now. I did feel sorry for her because of all the curves life has thrown at her this year but no more.

I apologize. Of course, for some, the storyline would not be funny at all.

I still wish her drinking was just a matter of drowning her sorrows & not that she is an alcoholic. Unfortunately, that bell cannot be unrung.

That was funny! She just threw it out there like it was relevant to the conversation!

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My turn to apologize. I made my comment before reading the rest of the comments and of course that storyline might be painful for some to watch.

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