Dr Snyder is definitely a goner

And I reckon Tripp, Kayla, Gwen, Kate and Xander will all be suspects


Yes, he likely is a goner, but in his defense, he DOES see a lot of patients. Xander even got a same day appointment!
Kayla’s too busy fawning over Tripp and Steve and Sarah’s MIA on an island. I guess Tripp will take the Speed Doctor Course and be ready to practice upon Doc Snyder’s unfortunate demise. :grinning:


Yes I see it know, he is the mystery body in the lake this summer. Xander will stop him from using Gwen as a delivery person. Then he will be knocked off by one of the clients he was supposed to be delivering to, but we will have to go through Tripp, Kayla, Gwen, Xander, Jack, Kate and whoever else they decide as suspects before the truth is revealed.


They need to bring Mike Horton back for a variety of reasons:
1- honor the legacy of the show by having a Horton as a doctor on staff, or to be made chief-of-staff, like his grandpa. If they don’t want to bring Sarah back, he’s the Horton to honor the legacy.
2- another male on the show!
3- someone else to live in the Horton house (LOL)
4- he’s been gone for too long. If they can’t get the original actor back, enough time has gone by to recast.


When you say original actor, are you talking Wesley Eure? or do you mean “recent Mike”, Roark Critchlow? I’m not opposed to Michael T. Weiss returning either.

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Yeah but instead of offing the character they could I don’t know actually have him arrested instead of having a new character show up for a couple episodes wasting money just to save these characters. If anyone of these characters is gonna kill Synder Gwen is most expendable.

Probably Jan once again.

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Michael T. Weiss is my Mike Horton. Who last played him? He’d be pretty old now though. Maybe even retired. What is the status of the character? Is he married? Isn’t Jennifer with him now?

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Roark Critchlow was the last version of Mike. He had an affair with Carrie. He also played Dr. Horton on the Friends version of Days of Our Lives with Joey. Jennifer is with him in Boston.

I guess I mean recent Mike, the one everyone seems to remember. :grinning: