Don't people realize?

Whenever these masks are worn, they don’t have the same height or shape of the person they are faking to be. Do the writers think us fans are that stupid. Gwen wearing the mask is much taller and does not have the tiny frame that Sarah has. Are we suppose to think this is believable? Come on now, between this and the devil story the show is going off the rails in my opinion. Stupidity. The short films of Days which were on Peacock were great compared to this ridiculous masks and devil storyline. The devil has also been around long enough, let him go back to hell. Any other opinions from anyone? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :woozy_face: :woozy_face:


I’ve said that same thing since the first time she did that with Nicole. Just stupid.


Petune, you are so right. This is what we’ve been saying since the first time the mask was used. The other thing that makes me laugh is when you first saw Ava holding the mask after she took it off in front of Gwen. The lips are closed, like any Halloween mask would be and we are supposed to believe that once you put it on, the lips become real. Come on, give us a little more credit. Not to mention the tattoo Sarah has on the back of her neck that appears on whoever is wearing the mask. And in the case of Kristen wearing a Nicole mask originally, Kristen has a full back tattoo which supposedly was covered by makeup so it wouldn’t be seen. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t be able to put makeup on my back without help. And just to make it worse, Nicole has fake boobs. Don’t you think Brady would have noticed that when they were in bed together. But like you said, the height, weight and body shape is so noticeable that it’s just beyond ridiculous that we’re supposed to believe that no one would notice, not Maggie, her mother, not Xander when he hugged her. And you are so right about the show going off the rails. Thank goodness for DVR since I’m able to fast forward through all this crap. This sure isn’t the show I’ve watched for over 50 years. I really wish the Days execs would come on these websites and see what fans really think of this mess. Sure, there are people that love this but after seeing so many different websites and Facebook sites I would say the overwhelming majority have nothing good to say about the show right now and so many people have said they’ve stopped watching.