Dollar bill..4

So…it looks like we are going to see Bill standing in front of his fire place having the same conversation with Brooke , Katy, Liam and Whyatt for the next 6 months or longer🙄


That’s a great post. Bill and the fireplace is just like Brooke’s « what made me drink? » Puts things in perspective. Glad you noticed.


And it’s mostly not even conversation - it’s Katie/Brooke/whoever talking at Bill while he stands there staring off into the distance and looking constipated.




The writers must be on vacation again.


OMG you are good I was thinking Bill looks like he needs an enema They are ruining Bill for me I’ll never see him as the tough businessman again. I’m so tired of the sad sack look and equally tired of Katie crying that’s she does


Joking aside, I honestly believe Don Diamont has no idea what’s going on when his character (whether because they writers haven’t decided or they haven’t bothered to tell him) and so when he gets the scripts he simply doesn’t know what to do with his character.

Supposedly they did the same thing to Daniel Goddard after they killed Cane and brought him back on Y&R - he didn’t know if he was a ghost, a twin, or the original Cane who’d faked his death.


If we’re lucky, maybe one day Bill will tire of being Sheila’s ventriloquist dummy and shove her into the fireplace while shouting, “Burn, baby, burn!” And then get off on a temporary insanity plea.


We have the choice not to watch, taking a indefinite break.

Bill needs to have a pine cone moment like Ridge had. Maybe walk him over to the French Doors and let a coconut drop on him so the s/l can change. This has been heavy handed writing, blocking, acting. Need nature to knock some sense (and sense of humor) into the hot mess.


I don’t understand this show. It’s like they are willing to ruin every other character just to keep Sheila on.

Deep down, I’m hoping that Bill is still his $Bill, stallion self and has something devious planned for Sheila. I can hear him having a future convo with his sons as they wonder how Bill could have slept with Sheila, and him telling them that he had to take one for the team! LOL.


That’s pretty much exactly it—sacrifice all the other characters because Bell is obsessed with Sheila being the answer to all his problems because, as a two-dimensional character, she’s much easier for him to write. He’s known for becoming overly-focused on a single character at a time, but in this case, it’s incredibly stupid because Sheila has a decades long, established reputation as a violent, unrepentant sociopath/psychopath. Having Deacon and Bill both interested in her essentially make their mental health questionable as well. In addition, everyone else has to be taking their stupid pills not to be able to figure out a way to beat the whole blackmail scheme–which is based on no actual evidence–work and keep Sheila out of jail. And let’s not even get into the fact that Sheila is still apparently dead on Y&R while alive on BB.


time to start a new drinkign game…see Bill and fireplace take a drink

I wonder if that’s not what they’re going for. But I can’t see any way that it could possibly make sense. If he just wanted to protect everyone from Sheila, he could have just called the cops when he found her, or at least after he brought her back to his mansion.

Or, if he didn’t trust that jail could hold her, he could have locked her up in the basement - he’s certainly got the resources to have a quick and secure miniature jail set up down there, and to hire loyal security guards to keep her there permanently.

I cannot see any possible reason to pretend they’re lovers and to let her roam freely out of his sight where she could harm the people he’d theoretically be trying to protect.

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At least put Bill with someone believable… no chemistry between Bill and Sheila.

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Put your big boy pants on, Bill. Accept that the women in your life don’t love you back. Move on and stop the depression over losing. What a loser. I can’t stomach watching the scenes with Sheila or any of the other women. Get rid of Sheila and end this ridiculous storyline.


Actually, the “women in his life” are considerably more caring and considerate of him than he deserves to be, considering how he treated them. He should be grateful for that and that he still had contact with his sons and grandchildren despite that.

The only excuse for his going down the rabbit hole (or perhaps rat hole is more accurate) with Sheila instead is that he’s either mentally ill or she has some control over him for some reason. But if that’s the case, they need to explain that ASAP because this story line is quickly becoming tiresome. And yes, get rid of Sheila, so other people don’t have to suffer the same fate as Deacon and Bill—being inexplicably drawn to the toxicity that is Sheila–just so she can stick around way past her expiration date.


When did Bill treat Brooke poorly? I can’t seem to recall a time when Bill ever treated Brooke the way that he has treated Katie and Steffy. Brooke may have broken Bill’s heart but I don’t think that Bill has broken Brooke’s heart unless her heart was broken when Bill slept with Steffy even though she was living with Ridge.

The closest Bill has come to leaving Brooke was when he pretended that he had an epiphany when he fell off the cliff and he came back proclaiming his love for Katie and once Katie had signed papers giving him shared custody of Will and his 1% shares back then he was all set to leave Katie for Brooke again.