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Does everyone forget

Does everyone forget that it was Kristen who orchestrated “saving” Ava? Brady’s been bend over back sympathetic as to the baby switch when she did it herself…TO HIM! For a year! She robbed Theresa of a year with her son but he gives her a pass because why? She was desperate to be a mother? And Chloe hand wringing over Phillip shady dealings with the mob. It was Phillip’s arrogance and his addiction. Xander is a thug according to Chloe because he was in the mob but Phillip is this poor helpless victim. He CHOSE to get in “bed” with the Vitalis. It’s not as if he’s a poor average joe. Say he didn’t want to involve Victor what about Kate? And finally, back to Kristen, if she’s truly reformed like she wants Lani and everyone to believe, let Brady it was her that brought Ava back

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