Do you all like the new board better?

I’m not giving up on it yet. I like reading the boards even though it’s difficult and some features are gone.

I absolutely love the new boards. I love change and it was high-time for a refreshening of this place. Well done to all! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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At first I couldn’t figure out how to post. I guess you use the arrow. Still cant get an avatar can someone help. I followed instructions.
So, to answer your question. Dont like it yet

A board shouldn’t be that difficult for people to figure out. That’s why I don’t understand why they chose this platform.

It just needed better emoji’s nothing else… I look at it this why fix it if it wasnt broke? you cant even post links… sucks :unamused:

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Yet here you are, using it, posting. So it works. :slight_smile: I’m not sure what you mean by ‘can’t work around the hamburger menu’. If you can clarify, I can probably help. Feel free to email us at

Yes, of course it was tested. Any of our new deploys are tested for weeks/months. It takes time to get used to anything new but if everyone reads the FAQ to learn how to use the board, there should be no issues at all.

How so?

The board isn’t outdated at all. I just removed the option of allowing anyone but my staff to use links, images and video footage. Most here don’t realize it but using images and videos from other sites without their express permission, including this one, is illegal. I have enough on my plate without adding to it by constantly supervising what is being posted so this is easier.

The board isn’t our bread and butter. It’s nice to have, and it’s free.

Our terms of service might help to understand a little. Terms of Use |

This is likely that you posted twice or that the board had a glitch and this happened with both of our last message boards. It happens to us all! It’s not a big deal. Nobody cares so if it happens, just ignore it.

Most complained there were not enough and now we have too many. We can’t please everyone. But just type in the type of emoji you want to use and it’ll pop up. Just like on any other new board. Type ‘wink’ and you’ll get the wink emoji pop up, click and use.

The improvements are far better for my team. Have you seen trolls? Spammers? Nope. Because they’re much easier to get rid of. That was the biggest complaint from everyone here and it’s funny to me that nobody has noticed this or commented about it.

But do they have the same traffic? Again, this is a business. Surely you guys don’t think that my team and I work for free? Our business has very little to do with the board.

The FAQ has all of that info. How to change my avatar?

It was broken in the back end. That’s why we had so many people who were banned able to return constantly and harass you all. Now that they’re gone, it’s calmer. :wink:

Well, I like the fact that the moderation seems to be less harsh, and it looks like it’s community based now, which possibly removes the bias that seemed to be present before. But I still don’t understand the thinking behind its enforcement. Yesterday, one always-sweet poster got reported for sharing her medical story in response to another poster’s comments on her mother’s medical history. How is that an offensive post and why would it be removed? More than one of us found it interesting. And my post was reported because I responded calmly to someone who was being rude to me in post after post. On the previous board I got reprimanded for saying a character (not the actress) had a hound dog expression. Which is ridiculous. It’s a common figure of speech used to describe a person’s expression.

The reason I said the format is outdated from a user standpoint is because if you visit Reddit, or Quora, or any of the Tapatalk forums, all of which have millions of users, they don’t have these kinds of user issues. Less complicated and not unfairly moderated. And honestly, those sites are what’s happening in today’s internet landscape. Easy to use, light on moderation, plenty of features (except Quora), links can be posted, etc. Oh and I have a message board and there are ways to deal with the copyright issues. I can understand if you don’t want to deal with pictures, but links are hardly a problem. Everyone uses links on the internet. That IS the internet.

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If you want your avatar,
1.Click your icon name on top right a drop menu will appear with your name, Click your Name
2. Click Account or if you dont see that click Preferences,then Click on account
3.Scroll down to where it says Profile
4. click icon edit button where a pix is suppose to be…
click Browse for pic on your computer
click pix you want…
that’s it…should show immediately.

I have no idea why someone would flag a post but you wouldn’t believe the stupid things people flag just because they dislike it or the poster. Don’t worry about it because the moderators just ignore and will deal with the poster who flagged privately and it never goes on your record or anything.

I’m on Reddit all the time but this isn’t Reddit. They have loads of issues. Talk to a moderator there. They’re constantly battling way worse things than we ever will here. And they’re not paid. I have heard horror stories.

The problem with using images, links, video is that YOU don’t have to be the one to take care of those stealing from other sites. You don’t know what goes on behind the scenes with people stealing our recaps, spoilers, images, video footage, and you don’t see those emailing us to complain that someone has stolen their content and posted it on my boards.

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Also, allowing posters to delete a post after they’ve thought better of it is a smart thing to do. Unless you want people to continue to be upset by it for no reason.

Okay, I really appreciate your responding to our concerns. Thanks.

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I hope it provides some insight.

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That is something I do alot I will make a post and think Hmmmm maybe I better not post this… now I cant even do that delete…it… then of course I’ll be in trouble…lol so i really have to watch my wording I been taken wrong on here before… I never try to start anyone up… but at times I have…not intentionally though.

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The new board is nice and was easy to get used to.

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My complaint about difficulty logging in is due to having to try login 3-4 times before I get on the message board. I would get a 404 message or it would just spin the round arrow!
Today!! I got on the first time I tried! I hope this is the end of my problem!


I literally just had to figure how to how to do that because my Emojis on my keyboard was not working

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Sorry, not a fan of the new board. Not sure why it had to change but it’s done.

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The struggle to get into this new board was a real PITA-- and now after using it for a couple weeks, I’m still not thrilled with this new board at all. Seems more cumbersome than the old board

I agree.