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Dirty John

I wonder if anyone is going to see Dirty John on BRAVO TV this Sunday at 10pm Eastern time? The first promo got me curious…the second promo got me hooked! I am going to be discussing this series…so if you want to chime in, please do! The more the merrier… :slight_smile:

Have you heard the podcast or read the LA Times article that told the story originally. Both excellent!

I actually haven’t but I heard about this from Wendy Williams. I am actually excited to see this limited series …

1st Episode…the beginning of the clip is not clear…maybe John is dead and she is seeing his body…but the story goes that Debra was dating lots of men, which her daughters does not like. She has been married 4 times and is in therapy with one of her daughter’s. Her name is Veronica…I think…

Anyway, Debra meets John. At first, she likes him but he gets too comfortable with her, which she was scares of. The next day, John makes it up to her. Then she is fine with it…then she tells John that she is serious with him, this is after dates. She tells him if he is not serious than she won’t bother with him. He tells her that he loves her…after that, they have their own thing, but after that, it gets odd…they were house hunting, he can’t afford it, but she does! They move in the beach house…later one of the girls finds out that he is living there…she gets annoyed. It seems that the girls does not like her mother dating because 4 marriages has failed. Anyway…at the end of the movie, Debs is on a business trip with John…and they get married…8 weeks of knowing each other!

Second Episode…they are married…he brings her a drink every morning! I find that suspicious. The girls don’t like her. One girl sold her bag just to pay a private detective lady. Her son tells his mother, because of the private lady’s work, that John is not who he is…Her son confronts John…they had bonded prior in family party. Her son says it all! John gets mad and tells him that his mother is married to him…something she has been keeping away…Her son then confronts his mother…yeah it’s complicated. Them she is worried…checks his mail, John sees it and gets angry…then he makes up with her…it sounds like thou, he will eventually kills her and takes over her company! And this stuff again!

Third Episode…we, the viewers :slight_smile: learns of the first woman, he has been conned or had a serious relationship with. From that, we get to know… that he is a drug addict and a gold digger as well. Debs gets info on what she needs to do, to get this man out of her life. At the end of the episode, he is in a hospital because the drugs are affecting him and she packs her stuff and runs away. And that is pretty much the end of the episode :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

4th Episode…It talks about Toby and his parents! His father shooting his mother. Thought Toby was Debs son, but just his nephew. Debs, is upset of John, but still loves him…she goes back to him and gives him another chance.

5th Episode…the episode talks a bit about John’s past. His father was a con artist and that’s how John learnt the trait from. From past to reality with Debs, the man tries to get clean, but he may have been lying too. Debs finds needle shots in the bathroom box. Have to say, the man is a druggie…and soon going after her business.

6th Episode…the show shows them in a lawyer’s office and of John’s past…I think Debs knows that John is a con artist who won’t change…but she confuses me at times because she still wants John. John now, is iffy of Debs, and wants a upper hand with her…he said in the letter that he would do something that he would regret or be surprised at, from his actions.

7th Episode…have to say, this episode just feels right to me than other episode, that I had to think, at what place it’s telling. This episode showed John’s past right into how he met Debs to now. I don’t want to screw up writing here of this episode, cuz it’s all wow to me! The man is a real con artist that he further developed from his greedy father. He plays off being sympathetic, but boy, this man can fool anyone! I now don’t know what the end game is for Debs. Keep her and do what he is doing…or squeeze her out of her lifesavings. He still has his crappy RV that he never told Debs about, lol!

Series Finale Episode…well it looked like John wanted to kill Debs girls. And maybe her. Her daughter killed him because he attacked her with the knife. Her daughter should be lucky, otherwise this man would have still been conning the ladies and having more drugs. And conning others as well. This man was sick.