Did Doris ever get through with her cruising?

Isn’t that why she’s been off the scene for years? Didn’t she go on a world cruise or some such much like Mamie Johnson who Jill paid a large amount of money to go on a world cruise/tour when found out she was in love with John Abbott?

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Who was Doris?

sharons mother.


she moved to another town called Eau Claire. I don’t know why I remember this but I do. its apparently not far from GC.

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She should visit Sharon if she lives nearby. I’m sure there is plenty of room at Sharon’s cottage with Faith, Mariah, Tessa, and Rey all gone.

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Sharon’s house is not wheelchair accessible.

A ramp could be installed and a lift chair upstairs…like “seen on tv”… :wink:

Agreed. An easy fix for the show.

Sharon and Doris really did not “get along”, but, that was IONS ago and Sharon seems to be a person that lets the past stay in the past and “forgives” (as she has advised a few on here), so maybe, in Doris’ “golden years”, there is “forgiveness” for her as well…also makes me wonder if Doris ever even met Faith or Noah for that matter or Mariah (I can’t remember if Doris did or not, but don’t think so)…Doris is also the one who talked a young HS-er, Sharon into giving the baby up for adoption…(they didn’t know Cassie was a “twin” - Mariah till yrs later)

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Into front door would be hard and going to kichen
But years ago she was there and there was a room on main level i assume bathroom also
Just past the desk

By jove I think you are right!!

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If I was Sharon I would not be thrilled with seeing Doris for longer than maybe a luncheon to catch up! Doris was the text book version of the mother from hell (nasty witch)


Doris wanted Sharon away from the family from hell (Newmans) Sharon refused to go with her that’s why they don’t see each other.

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Would her mother still be alive? Could Sharon have a younger relative come to town? Genoa City doesn’t need anymore seniors

That is a good idea. Maybe a younger woman could apply to work at CL. Sharon hires her and then discovers the woman is a younger sister or half sister. The sister could also develop a relationship with Chance. This would give Chance a love interest.

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Cassie was killed off in real time in 2005. The character of Cassie (and Mariah) were never rapid aged. Cassie grew up on screen.

Not long after Cassie died, Doris left town.

She came back in 2008 when Sharon was supposed to go on trial for killing Skye. Doris didn’t like the fact that despite being accused of murder, she was defending Adam. Doris felt that she was putting her love for Adam ahead of her kids.

After Sharon was found alive, Doris left town again and came back in 2011 trying to get Sharon to leave the Newman family. That was the last time she was seen.

In 2014 Sharon mentioned that Doris was on a cruise and wouldn’t be able to attend her wedding.

She did meet Faith, but she never met Mariah. It’s never even been mentioned if Doris knows about Mariah.

Well all of the above suggestions would mean that the show actually wanted to invest in the Sharon character and it clearly does not.

Thanks for the history…

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Whose Doris??

Sharon’s mother.