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Devon Hamilton...his Family Tree

All I know is Tucker McCall (Katherine’s son) is his father and Yolanda Hamilton is his mother…Also, that Tucker’s father was Arthur Hendricks…is this correct? Any other “branches” to fill in?

His adoptive parents were Neil and Drucilla Winters. His blood relatives are Ana and Mckenzie. Relatives through adoption would be Malcolm, Olivia, Lily, Nate and Moses.

Devon was raised by his grandmother, Yolanda’s mother, before he went into the foster care system. I don’t know if her name was ever mentioned. He was close to her and she was a positive influence in his life.

Mckenzie’s father Brock Reynolds is his uncle and Katherine’s eldest son.

And remember: Devon is Ana’s half-brother; Ana’s dad was Jett Slade and her mother was Yolanda Hamilton and raised by adoptive Aunt Tyra Hamilton; Ana’s first cousin is Elena Dawson; Nate is Olivia (Dru’s sister) son and adopted son of Malcolm (Neil’s brother) (bio-dad is deceased Nathan Hastings); Devon (through adoption by Neil and Dru) and Lily (biologically) are cousins to Nate. Devon himself has no “Chancellor blood”, it’s thru name only (since Devon’s bio-dad, Tucker was not a Chancellor either (Tucker’s dad was Arthur Hendricks and Tucker is Katherine’s illegitimate son with Judge Arthur Hendricks given away at birth by a drunken Katherine)…Also, Moses is Devon’s brother (both have Neil as a father)…

Boy, this gets complicated!!! So “soapy”!!!


Thanks twocentsworth for the clarification on Devon and “Chancellor blood.”. I didn’t know the part about Arthur Hendricks until now. I thought that actually might have made sense in terms of him wanting to be Abby’s donor and Abby’s willingness to accept since both Chance and Devon had Chancellor blood, the Devon sperm would be at least related to Chance. Chance and Devon are technically cousins even if not blood related.

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Devon is a descendent of Katherine Chancellor and Chance is a descendent of Phillip Chancellor. I wouldn’t consider them cousins, but they both belong to the legacy of the Chancellor family.

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I was sure there was a bloodline too. But clearly it’s only in family name and ties. It’s hard to keep track of soap history. It gets scrambled up many times. In my mind and by the writers!

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