Death sentence for Sheila

Sheila is always escaping, I do not know if in their state there is death sentence.
May be she could be judging for that because of all of her crimes.


If Sheila were executed, her demon form would then roam the earth.


True, we can’t kill Shelia already, imagine her in Michael Meyers form. As long as she don’t go Freddy, oh my my, she already haunts their dreams. Her in live form in those dreams is truly scary.


So funny you should mention them. I saw a meme of Sheila. She was looking at fiery wreckage of Li’s car and the meme said something like “Michael Meyers and Freddy Kruger looking at Sheila Carter, thinking wifey material!” :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Yep, they can’t kill Sheila. She’s a shape-shifter, and as sneaky/sly as they come. It shouldn’t be hard to contain her either, but it seems impossible for them. And a good detective would have tracked Li and Jack down to personally tell them about Sheila’s escape.

I continue to shake my head at the sloppy writing and just remember that Finn is coming back!

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Yes, CA has the death penalty on record but has not executed anyone in 16 years.

Sheila is slick like a fox. Loving it!

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I was not expecting these responses :rofl: