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Days Of Our Passions

How about a game? In this game you can vote for a crossover couple you’d most like to see from Passions to Days.
Most couple ideas I’ve selected are the most likely due to
current relationship stress. Vote by simply writing down the couple listed or add your own idea. (I WANT YOU to add your own!) :slight_smile: means it’s a personal fave.

Jessica & Jett
Jessica & Jeremy
Jessica & EJ
Julian & Celeste
Julian & Kate :slight_smile:
Julian & Anna
Chad & Stephanie
Whiteny & Phillip
Whiteny & Jett
Gwen & EJ
Gwen & Tony :slight_smile:
Pretty & Phillip
Pretty & EJ
Sam & Kate
Sam & Anna
Sam & Celeste
Rebecca & Stefano :slight_smile:
Rebecca & Tony
Ivy & Tony

OH definately Julian and Kate…if she can sleep with Stefano she can sleep with anyone.

I would have picked Rebecca and Bart, but he’s worm food now so that won’t work.

I would have liked to see a Rebecca/Bart/Bonnie triangle! hahahaha!

Jessica & Nick, i think he’d be good for her in in these hard times

also…Lucas & Theresa, if he like Sammie he’d love Theresa

Philip and Kay!
Max and Pretty!
Jett and Whitney!
I could go on forever!

Theresa & EJ (Hot!)
Whitney & Jett (Hot!)
Pretty & Shawn (Cute)
Kate & Allister (Dangerous!)
Sami & Ethan (Cute!)
Hope & Luis (Hot!)
Kay & Max (Hot!)

Max & Kay good idea!

Jeremy & Theresa Hot!

Just saw the title and had to come in! Very cool thread!! :slight_smile:

Message from the creator:

Max & Pretty definetly :slight_smile: ! Why didn’t I think of that?
My favorite is of course Julian & Kate.
Or maybe Stefano & Rebecca? I didn’t put Ivy in many of these because she’s alot more… smart & knows bad men when she sees them these days.

PS: (Don’t you think that Alistair & Stefano could be best friends? :)) )

This is fun, I have more thoughts!
Lexie & Chad
Luis & Billie
Stephanie & Miguel
Pilar & Roman

Miguel and Abby
Kay and Shawn
Fancy and Phillip
Sheritan and Bo
Jarad and Hope
Pilar and Roman
Fox and Belle
Rebecca and Tony
Whitney and Jett
Charity and Nick
Ethan and Billie
Julian and Kate

thought of a few more

Marlena & Sam
Gwen & phillip
rebeca & John

Tony and Ivy >)
Stefano and Rebecca :slight_smile:
EJ and Fancy :slight_smile:
EJ and Gwen :slight_smile:
Sami and Ethan >)
Lucas and Theresa :slight_smile:
Bo and Sheridan :slight_smile:
Luis and Billie :slight_smile: :wink:
Pretty and Philip ~)
Belle and Ethan

That’s all I can think of for now… :wink:

sam and anna jett and Whitney roman and pilar philp and jessica

Roman and Pilar
Sami and Luis
Toni and Ivy
Allister and Kate
Phil and Kay
Chelsea and Miguel
Sean and Jessica
E.J and Sheridan
Lucas and Fancy
Stephano and Rebecca
Belle and Fox
Max and Pretty
John and Eve

sam and marlena
julian and kate
bo and theresa
fox and steph
nick and jessica
miguel and whitney
pilar and roman
billie and luis

chad and lexi
ivy and stephano
lucas and kay

So far the most voted is:

Pilar & Roman x6 :slight_smile: (GREAT COUPLE!!!)
Whitney & Jett x4
Luis & Billie x3
Julian & Kate x3
Jessica & Nick x3

I changed my mind; NO Pilar & Roman! Pilar is holding a big ugly secret, & Roman wouldn’t touch her if he knew!!!

Jett and Whitney
max and kay because they are the hottest!!!
rebecca and bonnie. they’ll do n e thing
philip and gwen because they can’t have the ones they want.
shawn and jessica because hes used to helping hookers

Rebecca and Steffano, and Ivy and EJ…!!! >)