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Days of our Lives spoilers added daily by 6 AM


It’ll always be the same url, so you can bookmark it. Morning updates are added around 5:40 AM EST daily but give us just a little time and expect them close to 6:00 AM.

Saturday the new batch comes out each week in the wee hours!

Chrissis, thank you for the beautiful bio of Joe Mascolo. I see that it was posted in December, but I must have missed it. Joe had a wonderful life. He deserved it.

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I’m glad you liked it! Yes, it was posted in December and I updated it a little with the new airdates. Much of that was also sent to me from the studio so I can’t take credit for it all. :slight_smile:

I. Love the send off for Nicole GREAT job

Where can I read about Nicole’s send off?

Like how she’ll be written off the show? I don’t yet have that. I’ll post in the spoilers when I know more. It is too soon for me to get that information though. I think she has possibly 5 months left?

…5 months?! Haven’t they tortured is enough!!!

What are they going to do now? Put us through weeks on end of Nicole crying to Chloe saying oh my god you were so right about every thing? I am sorry ? And Brady being the spokesperson for Daniel’s ghost? Because that’s the last thing I want to hear or see smell tased look at… I don’t agree with that assessment and have no desire for this to become the Chloe I told ya so show . At this point how about they both just go away like today like now?

I realize why now I appreciate Joey. Can we get the Joey treatment on some of these hangers on characters?

Well at least I got a chuckle out of that. Poor boy is so tortured by what he did but there is a use for everything :laughing:

Where is the amulets fun and shenanigans with Chad and Gabby Andre Kate and even Jane’s goofy face?

Blue? Or should I say Bucky? Who the H… is Jane? One of the hallway ferrets?
Sometimes I wonder where you’re coming from. :sunglasses:

Is that an Captain America reference? (Bucky) I have no idea. Sorry. :laughing: I meant Jen. I even changed it to Jen. Don’t know how… The ghost in my machine ?

But I am terrible at posting from my phone. I often do voice text and sometimes even when I make an edit it will revert for some reason back to the error. And then I don’t catch it in time happens all the time . sometimes I read my post and I really wonder what People must think. But I do remember warning everyone that my post sometimes come out really bad especially if I don’t preview .

:laughing: No. Bucky Cat as in “Get Fuzzy” with Satchel and Rob. :laughing:
My new new name for you with XXOO.

Holy crap :exclamation: I looked it up . It had me rolling ,rofl. :laughing: Jeank101 may have me pegged. Too funny. I am gonna laugh all night. :laughing:

Bucky Kat, more fun than being stoned? Yes. :sunglasses:

There are a lot of unmarked spoilers on this board. It’s kind of a bummer. :neutral_face:

Not a spoiler but today I turned on tv. At 6am and 7am bravo station is airing older days of our lives. Bo was alive. Vivian was on.

thank you DOOL. I now have an extra hour a day to do other things. I am on hiatus from DOOL until new SL come along. Not saying anything bad about the current SL but they do not interest me in the least. See ya’'ll later!! I am watching the old episodes on Bravo at my leisure and I am really enjoying the old shows and the original cast.

Hi guys, if you see unmarked spoilers just report them so that the moderators can fix the titles and remind folks. Some people just don’t realize and they get excited to spill the beans!!

And as an update, the spoilers are now updated by 6:00 AM daily. Still, they go out early mornings Saturday mornings in the middle of the night. We’re just trying to streamline a few things to make you get the goods as early as we can. :smiley:


How do you report them? Theres only 1 admin (because she does it a lot) I’ve ever tried to flag when that has happened… But flagging doesn’t seem to work with her? It acts like you didn’t press anything Lol.

How to report - How do I report a bad post?

Hey I’m an equal opportunist! I’ve got a handful of moderators - a mix of men and women. :slight_smile: The bad post report function works great. I mean I see a lot of flags taken care of all the time. Maybe try again?

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It usually works if I ever have to (I never have to hardly ever). Just doesn’t usually work with Amy for some reason? Will try again next time it comes up haha.