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Darth Taggart or Goofy

Marcus Taggart has got to be the most stupid cop on the planet! What was the purpose of the elaborate scheme to fake his death if he’s gonna just keep popping up? So he’s supposed to be protecting Trina (according to him) but he’ actually putting her in more danger. Cyrus obviously has people all over PC making observations and reporting back to him. It would not be unreasonable to expect that at some point they are going to discover Taggart and go after him. If he’s constantly around Trina she could get hurt or worse. In addition, Julian now knows Taggart is the man on the docks who interrupted his killing of Nelle and that he is somehow connected to Trina. This could tie him to Wylie’s abduction so if Julian decides to tie up loose ends . . . well, bye-bye Taggart for good.

If TPTB want to keep RA on the show they could have actually killed Taggart and had him appear as a guardian angel over Trina or a haunting figure to Cyrus. Sonny moving him next door is not such a good idea either unless he locks him in the basement 'cause it is clear that Taggart doesn’t fully comprehend the “playing dead” concept.

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