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Danny Boaz cast in the role of Chance Chancellor


nice hope he and adam are still close, adam could do with a friend

it would be nice if they actually fill us in on what happened in Vegas. I’M Kinda curious if adam faked that amnesia.

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Another character on the show. Just what we need. Yikes!

Why would they not just bring back the actor that played Chance - he was back from his deployment and said he would love to resume the role! I suppose that continuity isn’t important to this group of executives…TOO BAD


I googled Danny Boaz and couldn’t find pics of him…

Is this to wrap up the Cane story? Because…all of a sudden it’s been dropped?

I know, I’ll take a pass. cast is too big.

I wonder what happened to John Dricoll. He is out of the army and had said that he wanted to play the character again. I just saw someone else had already posted this.

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go to IMBD , he’s cute!

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He is cute! But he looks to me like he would make a good Adam.

CBS Soaps in Depth announced him as Donny Boaz. Google Donny, not Danny. You will get his pics.

I did Google Donny and at first, I thought he was Adam! He IS cute! :smiley:

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I liked what I saw too😍 We can never have too many good looking men on the show.

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I still think of John Driscoll as Chance :roll_eyes:


He’s not John Driscoll, but we need a new single guy. He looks like a good looking man to me.

He is very cute…Now we need a return of Ronan

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I really loved John! How come they didn’t hire him back? He said he was interested.

That is my question too! I saw the interview with a John Driscoll and he said that he hadn’t heard from TPTB at Y&R yet but he would love to resume his role as Chance!! He was great in that role and he and Ronan were really good together… This show has made some questionable decisions of late - another is why the heck do we still have Tessa on the show??

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I don’t know why Tessa is still on but I really am disappointed that John isn’t coming back.

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