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CW Dynasty

Does anyone watch this show? It’s not exactly like the original but I like it. My favorite characters on the show is Fallon and Alexis.

I’ve just finished the 1st season on Netflix and found it interesting. Most of the characters have been changed and there is no family loyalty except for living under one roof. Alexis is blond, Crystal is Latino, the Cobys are black and wear way too much glitter (male and female), Sammy Jo/Joe is a guy oh, and Jeff Coby and his sister are now related to the Carringtons by blood. Blake’s sister was married to Cecil Cosby so I’m guessing she will show up in season 2.
They burn money like it’s firewood on a cold winter day, but I watched the whole season in like a weekend so something kept me coming back.
I do have one question, why kill off Crystal? Does anyone know why?

I haven’t seen it yet though have heard a lot of good things about it. I did hear that the reason for killing her off was creatively driven - the CW president said that it’s a soap and that’s what they do on soaps. Hah I guess we should be used to that but we never are!