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Courtney Hope's exit

I know they say it’s not good to assume or speculate. But what do we think the reason Courtney (Sally Jr) was let go? Courtney Hope confirmed on her Instagram that she was shocked to be let go/ fired. Not her decison. She didn’t want to leave.

It’s possible Bell got tired of writing for Sally and can’t use his imagine or he knows the network can’t afford to pay everyone (the Avants are coming back) so he chose to cut her.

It is possible she MAY come back in the future. She was gone for 3 months last summer/fall. (After she and Liam Kissed in the rubble) then returned.

Remember the character of Steffy left for 2 years. Hope went to Milan for 3 years. Thomas was gone for 2 years. Zende is being recasted after being away for 2 years. Thorne was gone for 5 years, Was recasted, Came back last year and is now gone again. ( Yes I know some of these actors made the decision to leave and we’re not fired. Please correct me if I’m wrong about these characters exits) No job in soapland is secure.

Even though I’m sad to see Sally go. Maybe it was for the best. I hope that Courtney (get the joke :slight_smile: ) returns to the show in 2 years with a different storyline about resurrecting her Family’s fashion house.


I think they ran out of storylines for her. Plus soaps don’t have big budgets anymore. They brought on a new man for Steffy hired a new Zende and the Avants are coming back. Shauna is in a big storyline with Bridge so I can see why they let CH go instead of Flo.It’s sad because she’s a good actress but it happens often in daytime.


I think it’s budget, too. JY even said they are tight with the budget.


Sally 2.0 was the most useless casting to me. Ever since she came on to the she they just shoved her in every storyline, but the reality is that it was not going anywhere. Spectra never really happened either.

Bell could have made a wonderful storyline for Sally Spectra since Sally is the niece of the original Sally. My thoughts is that Bell just couldn’t give the character the airtime she deserved. It’s an 18 minute soap daily and he has to leave air time for Brooke, Hope, Felony Flo, and the Logan brothers: Liam and Wyatt. Personally, I think these characters have already told their story: They always win. We get it. I don’t enjoy watching Bell’s favorites.

BB will never be good because everything has to revolve around his Loganfest.

If you dislike his Logans like I do, BB offers very little to you. Steffy’s story will be written in Hope’s favor. Just watch.


I agree. You would think Bell is in love with KKL (the actress who plays Brooke) the way he favors his character and all the Logans. It wasn’t always like this but the bias has gotten really bad lately




Sally Sprectra 2.0 was a big flop for me from the beginning.

I don’t care if this “writing team” won the award, I don’t think any of them could pass high school Creative Writing 101.


Their writing is awful. I totally agree. They had no competition I guess.


I liked Sally but the writers had to make her a loser when she could of been a real asset to the show. For me the team should of let go Flo because I do not like this character and for me there is no chemistry between Flo and Wyatt. JUST hope Sally comes back a winner next time.


The Wyatt and Flo stuff is truly sickening.


You nailed it! Fleas have more writing talent than the writers at B&B!

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I’m glad it’s been years since I’ve watched Days or GH. If B&B can win a writing Emmy over those two soaps, they must be horrendous.