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Couples you wanted to see on Passions be formed

Couples that I wanted to see on Passions be formed but never got the chance to see them get formed, couples that would have made interesting pairings on the show

Noah & Fancy
Paloma & John
Pretty & Antonio
Luis & Sheridan
Theresa & Jared
Miguel & Kay
Jared & Charity
Jessica & Fox
Hank & Gwen
Ethan & Whitney
Chad & Esme

  1. Ethan and Whitney
  2. Theresa and Chad (old one)
  3. Miguel and Simone
  4. Fox and Simone
  5. Ethan and Simone
  6. Eve and Sam
  7. Whitney and Luis

Sam & Pilar
Ivy & Julian
Eve & TC
Antonio & Gwen
Luis & Sheridan back together
Theresa & Fox
Miguel & Pretty
Paloma & Chad
Noah & Esme
Ethan & Charity
Hank & Fancy
Kay & Jared Casey
Jessica & John Hastings
Whitney & Noah
TC & Grace

Whitney and Luis
Luis and Eve
Gwen and Hank
Sam and Eve
Fox and Whitney
Pilar and a new guy
Liz and Antonio
I think that’s it.

Hank and Gwen

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