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Could Nelle & Willow be twin sisters?

with willow having a connection to the necklace and we saw the necklace on young nelle from the flashbaxck could Nina have had twins and both could be her daughters?

what a twist that would be and it would make sense since Willow and Nelle have been going at it would be soapy if they find out they are twin sisters.


I finally get why Willow is so obsessed with Wiley. It is a way not to deal with the death of the baby she carried and lost. It is a distraction because the pain is so great. Hopefully they will have her deal with that death.


Love it!


Oh Lord, I hope that Nelle and Willow are not twins. If so, GH is just recycling storylines. The storylines are becoming stale. No more twin stories.


I must have missed something today. I never saw a young Nelle…unless you mean the flash backs when she first joined the show. I was looking for a child Nelle when Joss was playing young Carly so I missed it if it was CLs neck a few years ago.

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I was a day ahead the young Nelle flashback is suppose to be on tommorow I think.I already saw a pic of her on twitter and she was wearing the necklace.

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Yes!!! I hope that its finally revealed that Nelle is Nina’s daughter

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Ah, thank you.


Nothing points to willow being ninas daughter but because shes trying to steal another womans kid like nina
I see no reason for willow and nelle to be sisters
Willow being around wiley mames me sick when willow tried to diss nelle by throwing her believed to be dead baby in nelles face saying shes glad nelle wasnot a mother

That’s a good question. If Nina had twins wouldn’t Madeline have told Valentin? Why just mention one child and not the other?

Well, Madeleine did have a history of withholding information for her financial benefit at a later date…a lot like her sister Leisel come to think of it. Must be a genetic trait :slight_smile:

Don’t think so at all because Frank didn’t know that at all

Please don’t make them twins it makes absolutely no sense. It also pushes Nelle further away from the possibility of being the kidney donor. Willow gave her baby up for adoption. She has nothing to do with Wiley. Bored with her whining and opinions of Nelle. She wasn’t a good mother, gave her baby up when Julian hunted her down. Nelle is no worse than the Corinthos, Quatermains, Jax, or any of the other crazies in Port Charles.

Willow alot better mother than Nelle she only gave up her son to keep him safe from his crazy father.Nelle is using her son for money and revenge.

If Willow were a lot better mother she would have kept her child and found another why to protect him. Nelle’s trying to protect her child too from growing up surrounded by the mob. Michael killed someone too. At best he should only get joint custody. One thing for certain is that Willow is not Wiley’s mother and the writers should not keep trying to pass it off that she is. It’s a boring storyline and ridiculous at best. Sasha and Willow are 2 of the most boring women GH has ever had. Just pretty faces. They are a fast forward moment.

Willow needs to get on with her life. Wiley is not hers, and she has no say, in his life.

:grinning: Sisters that’s funny but very soapy