Confirmed - Victoria Konefal Out as Ciara Brady

Great yet another hype up the relationship and let them get married only for the other half of it to leave. Seriously it makes about just as much sense for Ciara to leave Ben as Eric to leave Nicole. Both parts of the couple should just leave town. It makes me so mad that Days keeps doing this to us.


"I would love the opportunity to continue working with my castmates in the future, but at this time I will not be returning as a full-time cast member.”

What a weird statement. So is she not going to be on the show at all or just part time? It also sounds like this is not her choice. WTH is going on over there? Who is making these decisions? Clearly not someone who watches the show because they are making it very difficult by splitting up couples.

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Good. She is a horrible actress. Take murdering Ben with you!

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Oh the angry one again.


this did not make me happy :sob:

Thank you!

Good bye, and good riddance. Too bad she couldn’t take her murdering serial killer with her.

Dear Ciara,

See ya!!

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I was never crazy about her but do like Ben.


I think the timing for her to leave is just right; she is becoming too “bratty”.

Since Victoria is leaving I know who could play Ciara Steffy from Bold And The Beautiful she would kill a ciara she would have good chemistry with Ben

Sorry but JMW is not leaving B and B. Theyve just brought in her new love interest.
The mass exodus continues. This show is a mess. Theyve got all these people leaving. Theyve got folks coming back no one cares less about. I think KA was right to leave. As a veteran on daytime she sees when things are falling apart. The time jump gave them a bump in ratings but its gone stale and there are hardly any couples to root for. Too much death kidnapping twins and not alot of love. They had 4 weddings and 2 were useless. And the death was ridiculous.

She’s 100% better than Claire!


I think they should bring back the person who played Paige eves daughter to play Ciara

I haven’t seen True O’Brien in anything else. Her character on DAYS was super sweet, trusting, naive, gentle, etc. Kind of an America’s Sweetheart personality. Can she do gritty, man rescuing, biker chick & Fortune 500 Executive bada$$?

IRL She & Casey Moss (ex JJ) are together. I always thought that a Ben redemption story might include finding his victims were only River Dead. Let’s face it, no one really dies for good in Salem. I saw her eventually reunited with JJ. Of course, now that character is gone, too.

That VK says she’ll be dropping in & out is worrisome. I really don’t like how they do that with Sami. It means she always comes in for a short stint with over the top drama. There’s no continuity. It’s hard to feel for a character you only see once a year. They’ve barely even mentioned EJ. Yet taking care of EJ is supposedly been all time consuming for Sami. Presumably, neglecting her kids? Suddenly, he’s okay without her/

Do Johnny & Sydney hate her, too? This idea they had a horrible childhood doesn’t have much basis. We just get some dialogue telling us that. It doesn’t pan with Sami’s Lioness of a Mother personality & the fact that financially, those kids always had the stability of a nice home, no food worries, probably the best schools &/or tutors, etc. The situation leaves the Sami character as unfulfilling as the quick romances. I love AS but am less & less excited about her returns each time. That’s sad.

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Right!!! Although I am not a big Ciara fan, VK will be missed. I thought she acted pretty good. And I kind of like CIN, only because I didn’t have anyone else on this soap to root for. Good vibes and wishes VK.