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Coffee time (General chat thread)

Hi everyone!

We seem to have lost our ‘coffee time’ thread that we’ve had for years. Amy and I have searched and can’t find it so I’ve been asked to start a new one. Please feel free to use it for any general chatter. :smiley:

Christine Fix


What a good idea!! I started an off topic thread and got not one response to it so I thought I did a no no. I also found the soaps lounge on this board! This is great though :smiley: :smiley:

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Thanks. I loved coffee time. Got away from it as I had lots of “outside interference” one son moving out of house, his new job, 2 close relatives not well
So glad to see this…all good…no soap feuds etc
So…I’m in northern part of NJ. Started watching this show back in 70s.
I’m retired. Widow 5 years.

I started watching when I was in high school in the 70’s, around 76. My mom and aunts and cousins all watched it and I have been watching ever since. Then B and B started and I remember watching that from day one…

I live at the beach year round in Maine with my hubby and my darling little dog, kids all grown up now~~~I am 55 ~~ I love coffee, I love red wine, and I adore carbs hahahahaha!!!

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I was looking for the other Chat Thread the other day and could not find it! So glad you started another one! I for one am very disappointed that leaves have started to change and the days are not quite as warm - winter is my least favourite season! I had my first cup of hot chocolate (for the season) last night…and so it begins :unamused:

Love the fall colors, but like you hate that fall means winter is next. …I tend to stay in a lot in winter. Afraid of falling on ice. Will be having hot cocoa tonight. Had frost last 2 nights.

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I hate the cold ! Hi people :slight_smile: I can have sugar free hot chocolate with you guys i try to stay far away from carbs ! Enjoy the show today. !!!

Yay I’m so glad that you guys are going to enjoy having this thread again. And for those wondering, anytime you want a thread to open, just ask at For any site-related questions you can always do that. You can also open a ‘spoilers’ thread if you feel you want to try to keep lots of the spoilers in one place, though we’ll still welcome new spoilers in individual threads.

Remember, we’re always here for you in case you have ideas about what you want in your boards! I’m sorry that I’m not always available to post here as I did gosh, 13 years ago but I’m in and out when I can and want to hear your feedback no matter what.

I’m down for the sugar-free hot chocolate as I’m a low-carber too!

I love carbs hahahaha BUT I am on low carb as well!!! just saying :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I do enjoy a glazed doughnut with hot chocolate, but ate Chef Boy R Dee beef-a-roni out of a can for 6 days so I am craving a salad.

Thank you this could be a lot of fun :slight_smile:

My favorite part of cold weather is firing up the crock pot. I made some chili yesterday and it was sooooo good. Need to go get a pot roast for the weekend. The crock pot does magical things to pot roast. :smiley:

I’m glad I contactedyou asking how to locate an old thread…maybe some type of search thread can be implemented. Thanks for starting this thread.

Morning coffee timers bit of frost overnight it’s 34 degrees here in NJ at 430am…yes I’m early riser. Even being retired 9 years, can’t get out of the habit of getting up early
Hope everyone has a great day.

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May I have your recipe, the last one I made was awful Thanks

Plan on making big crock pot of chili today…will be vegetarian type one of my son’s coming here tomorrow he is vegetarian. …Wil put in several containers for him to take home
Love crock pot cooking. Maybe follow your lead and then do a pot roast. Perfect for this weather. …it 34 degrees

I agree. I love my crock pot and there are so many good ways to make a pot roast :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Using crock pot instead of stove is great. Many of my recipes are from mom and grandma…growing up grandparents lived upstairs so 3 generations in 1 house was normal in my area. The women put together their old recipes into a cookbook sold through our church. It’s my go to book great recipes and seeing the names who contributed brings back so many memories

Willow, brown the meat on the stovetop or a 450 degree oven first. Then, I use either: a can of cream of mushroom soup and a packet of Lipton’s Beefy Onion soup with a little water or red wine and let it cook (you can add potatoes and carrots if you want). Or…you can use the Lipton’s and a can of Rotel Tomatoes w/some red wine. If you forgo the red wine, you can leave out the water on the Rotel version because the tomatoes are wet.

Cook on low, but make sure to brown the meat first because that carmelizes the outside and keeps the inside from becoming tough or mushy.

It’s not the healthiest recipe (nor is it the worst by any means) I have because it uses canned soup/Liptons, but pot roasts are like birthday cakes, don’t even try to make it healthier because you’ll just ruin it :laughing:

Yeaaah! Love having a spot such as this to chit chat with others. I am so not a Fall person! I know I am the minority but I just don’t like the drab, dreary, rainy season where everything turns brown. And for the big No No of Fall…I do not like anything pumpkin!

SOO if after all of that I hope I can still find a friend or two on here amongst all you Fall Lovin’, Pumpkin lovin’ people. :smiley: