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well 40 degrees at 530 in the morning will be in low 70s today YES Spring is here

National Awkward Moments Day. This is an annual day that every person can relate to. We have all had our awkward moments from time to time. Have you ever called someone by the wrong name, tripped over nothing, walked into a door, had the completely wrong words come out of your mouth, or just forgotten what you were doing? The list could go on and on. No matter the day, today, or any other day, everyone has them.

Sloppy Joe Day…It is one of America’s all-time favorite hot sandwiches. Its base ingredient is often ground beef, Others use turkey. The other elements give it its flavor, like onions, tomato sauce, brown sugar, cola or maple syrup to sweeten it and seasonings to spice it, any secret ingredient families may add over the years. All of it is served up on a hamburger bun or roll. And is it ever sloppy! Be sure to grab more than one napkin!

So eat up and laugh at yourself when you have that awkward moment


Since the prior Coffee Time reached it max I copied over my post from this morning
March 18th …



Thank you for starting the new one … one of the best threads we have


definitely the best. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Agree, such a fun thread! :star_struck: :star_struck:


Yes, this is a friendly “safe” thread :thread::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Definitely! It’s a nice way to start the day :slight_smile:


Thank you System, and
Thank you NJ! :slightly_smiling_face:
I don’t respond much, but I do read your ‘Daily Dose’ faithfully.
I appreciate the time you take to do this for us every day.


Well ONTO our new Coffee Time … thanks to everyone who posts and makes this the most fun thread ever!!!

Now Saturday 50 degrees already at 7am with rain coming later this morning

First standing ovation for National Certified Nurses Day celebrates the certified nurses who impact lives every day.

Certified nurses dedicate their entire careers to helping others and often work long hard hours. The day honors and recognizes them and their significant achievements. Certified nurses balance clinical needs and patient care. Helping patients meet their healthcare goals in complex and challenging times makes a Certified Nurse’s commitment even more valuable.

National Let’s Laugh Day reminds us to add a little humor to our day. It’s never good to be serious all the time and letting the laughter bubble up from time to time is good for all of us!
We have all heard the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine.” SO Have a good laugh today

National Corn Dog Day gives sports fans, concert and fairgoers another chance to dunk.
The corn dog started out as a sausage or hot dog baked or deep-fried in a cornmeal breading and served as a sandwich and became a convenient fair food when the whole meal was put on a stick before being deep-fried. Fairgoers could then eat their corn dog while taking in the exhibits.

After your corn dog …enjoy National Chocolate Caramel Day The combination invokes some cravings for chocolate caramel coffee, milkshakes, or just about any treat with this hard-to-resist combination.



We are having another mild day but it is pouring :umbrella: rain! The rain is cleaning things up nicely however! I think we have to remember all the health workers, nurses included, who have been there for us, especially during the previous TWO years or Covid 19 and all the variants!

I have actually never had a corn dog but I do like Hot Dogs :hotdog: even though I know they are not the most healthy thing to eat! I suppose that nearly anything in moderation is OK (at least that is what I tell myself)

Have a nice weekend and thoughts and prayers for the people of Ukraine :ukraine:

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Mostly we’ll have a hotdog in the summer months, I like corndogs but around here that is a fair food, and our fairs have mostly been cancelled for the past couple of years.
we have rain too, we are supposed to get some better weather starting on tuesday.


We did have 2 days of mild sunny weather on Thursday and Friday, which was just a taste of what is to come! :pray:t2:

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Happy Saturday to All! :tulip:

Mostly cloudy here, but a mild 48 degrees.

Well, you need this on your bucket list! :rofl: I love corn dogs, certainly not health food but as @dawn888 mentioned at Fair time, it’s my go to treat. Dipped in ketchup, it is IMO the perfect bite of food.

I get plenty of laughs at work! Instructing English as a Second language to non-native speaking kids always lends itself to tons of laugh. Just last week we were identifying animals by name and color. One little guy kept insisting it was a “pink frog” on the page, he was having none of the fact it was a green frog. When it came time for the kids to draw, color and write the name of the animal…he of course did a pink frog. :rofl:

I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday! :ukraine: :sunflower:


He’s a man of his convictions! Well done, little dude!

It’s been raining on and off most of the morning here. It’s just started picking up into a steady rain, which is perfect nap weather.

Nurses have always been on the front lines and do not receive the credit they deserve!

Happy Saturday and Stay Strong, Ukraine! :sunflower:

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I’ve truly lost my gusto for this board as my best friend was removed. She and I mostly didn’t agree on characters/actors, but we defended each others’ rights to disagree and have been best of friends for many years and beyond. Guess I’ll just lurk or maybe just disappear until I find a place we can both post. Much love and respect to Goldy, and best wishes to all of you!


byathread…I know what you mean
THIS thread and wardrobe are my main threads I still read almost every thread but post less and less Goldy had her strong opinions but I never read anything that I would think amounts to be punished


46 Degrees at 430am on this First Day of Spring …we had lots of rain late yesterday into overnight along with thunder and lightening
SPRING we get longer days and increased sunshine, so the grass will be growing/get those lawnmowers tuned up…spend more time outside walking, gardening, or just sitting in the sun

On March 20th, the days and nights balance, and National Proposal Day offers an equal opportunity for a marriage proposal. For many, this is the day they’ve been waiting patiently to arrive without success. Others will pop the question suddenly.

DINNER National Ravioli Day is a food holiday for pasta lovers! So pick your favorite filling and sauce and cook up a meal everyone will love! Pasta makers fill two layers of thin egg pasta dough with various ingredients. Some of the fillings include, cheese, meat, vegetables and seasonings. They also usually serve the ravioli in either a broth or with a pasta sauce.

ENJOY Have a wonderful Sunday BE SAFE PRAY FOR UKRAINE


I know… I heard the news too and it has made me not feel the need to post very much… I miss my sweet sarah too…


Won’t get into this too much but there are some who should be HERE and some who are here and should be gone


it really sucks… especially when they commented on people that came here to troll.