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Claire pairing

Who can they put Claire with? It’s really annoying that she is just used to prop up the Ben/Ciara storyline. I did find it amusing to watch her attack Ciara with her own bouquet.
Claire deserves her own love story.


How old is Johnny? Maybe a possible friendship that will produce some new & fresh possibilities for a romance with Claire. She deserves better than that old Cin routine.

Not possible. They are first cousins.

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Unfortunately they are first cousins because of her aunt Sami. It’s probably going to have to be a new character considering Claire is related to every major family in Salem. Maybe Ava has a nephew who is a little bad but good too.

Claire needs someone completely new to Salem. If the writers were clever enough, now is the perfect time to introduce Xander’s family. I could see Lesley Anne Down as his mother, and with that, a younger brother to be paired with Claire.

That would have to be a half brother to Xander then (with a different dad). Claire is Victor’s granddaughter, so she’s related to Xander too.

Poor thing is related to everyone. I think it would be fun if Claire left for just a few weeks. Maybe she got a singing job in NY. While she was there she go herself into some kind of pickle in which she is forced to marry some guy. She comes back to Salem where she is followed by her new hubby. Maybe he is in the mob. Maybe he is tough but over time has a soft spot for the wife that says she doesn’t love him but is not really honest with her feelings. I could see a lot of drama, comedy, and romance in that storyline. Also maybe for once Ben and Cierra can be in the story to support her.

Sounds like a plan; anything to vary this merry-go-round of dating among the same characters. As you noted, Claire needs her own time in the limelight, instead of being a backdrop for Cin.

I think they need to bring Justin’s younger sons to Salem. They would be around Claire’s age. Given they are Kirakis’ and related to Steve/Jack…Maybe they aren’t thrilled about Bonnie, maybe there is resentment and they come to Salem with an agenda, maybe we have two brothers (twins even) who fall for the same girl…maybe Claire gets both a prince charming and a bad boy/rebel with the status of a Kiriakis …

Could be fun for years to come…

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