Chelsea haha

I am loving her stress vickie out
Did vickie care when she blackmailed chelsea to sign over the boy
Did she care when she screwed over sdam with visitation with christian
Did she care when she did the story on adam knowing it would hurt adam
Did she care about adam when she demanded adam sign away his inheritance

The newmans love to use kidd as spawns and im all for chelsea making vickie piss her boots

Im hoping chelsea uses that ashland dirt


What about what Chelsea did
Victor tries to end Billy and Vicki’s marriage for good by hiring a woman named Chelsea to drug and take compromising photos of Billy. Chelsea goes further by drugging and having sex with Billy and planting heroin in his possession which causes him to be thrown into a Burmese prison


I feel the same way. I loved seeing Vikki being afraid for once. I would love it if Chelsea went on the podcast and revealed what the Newman clan did to Ashland. :smiling_imp:


dont u just love how when
adam was screwing sally and sniffing around her he didnot want family time with chelsea and connor because it will confuse connor
now sally is screwing his brother he wants them to spend time together hahahaha

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I wonder if Chelsea and Adam will now tell Conor that Johnny is his biological brother. I guess if Johnny does not want people to know it hat could complicate things.

I have a lot of adopted cousins who grew up always knowing they were adopted. But they never wanted anyone to know so we were told as kids to never ever let them know we were aware they were adopted. As kids we never discussed it with them. The topic just naturally happened as adults.

I don’t think they would tell Connor. That kid is strange ( not the actor, just the character) Maybe he is more mature now, but he seems like if he knew he would be overly jealous.


Spoiler alert:

Adam doesn’t want to and he and Chelsea are clashing next week because of it.

Chelsea is not a good person. And she has been unhinged for awhile. I think it was selfish & cruel to manipulate Billy into asking Vicki and then talking to Johnny. I’m ticked at Victoria over the Ashland SL but not enough to want a child used as a weapon.


Chelsea is a known con artist so if they fell for her manipulation, so be it. Unless she kidnaps him, Johnny is not being used as a weapon. I really don’t think she has the means or smarts to take him. Billy and Victoria told Johnny that she was his birth mom and that is all. He didn’t care, and for now it is over.
Billy Boy was crystal clear that they are not going to be allowing her free access to Johnny. Victoria is a horrible person, so having her upset is a welcome change. She needs to feel worried and hurt and even a bit scared. Perhaps she feels a bit scared just like Ashland felt when dying on her floor … :smiling_imp:


Yeah I think you are right on all counts.

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aint karma a b ?
didnot vickie use christian as a weapon when she screwed adam out of visitation
did she care about connor when she and billy wrote the article
did billy care about connor all those times he tried to murder adam
vickie and billy has no problems using other persons kids as weapon
i hope chelsea gives vickie a nervous breakdown
im waiting for chelsea to let vickie know she knows how ashland really died

as for adam chelsea has every right to tell connor she has another son
aint connor living at victor and adam at a hotel ?
adam abandoned connor with grand pa
bt refusedto let chelsea take him to go see her mother
or do i have it wrong and connor isnot at victors ?

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