Charlie is such a waste of air!

Charlie barges in to tell Thomas he’s not allowed on the premises; even going so far as to threaten to call in “backup???” What backup??? BUT, Sheila waltzes in and out of Forester, people’s homes, conversations, etc., without as much as a whimper???

Where is all the so-called security that Ridge put outside of everyone’s home and at the office? Mansions unlocked, strangers waltzing around Forester without trace from the front desk, cameras, or running into an employee who asks “who are you?

And Carter telling Katie she should have called security? Like who, Charlie the clown???


Charlie’s role is beyond stupid! where is his friend with the
lemon bars???


Yes! Where are the lemon bars??? :joy::joy:

I just shook my head when Carter threw Sheila out of the office, slammed the door on her and then left her alone to continue to lurk in the building! Yes, great security!


Lurking, exactly.

A convicted murderer and she’s just walking the halls of Forester without any supervision. What’s next?; Spencer’s Publications to hassle Wyatt and Liam???


Comic relief??? I’m NOT laughing.

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She on General Hospital!

Ally Mills as Pammy?

I think the actor just needs to be on screen an amount of time a month to keep sag not sure .

The show likes him enough.

She’s in Port Charled playing hide and go hook . :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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I have never liked Charlie. He is incompetent and annoying. His jokes aren’t funny. I cringe whenever he is on screen.


I agree and why do the employees not have to wear badges? Guess they do not worry about anyone stealing any trade secrets.
Where I worked, we had badges and anyone going past the front desk had to have a vendor or visitor badge and some of the badges were “Escort Required”.

No. She’s a character that’s been on GH since at least since the 80’s if not before, Heather Webber. She’s a recast for Robin Mattson who played Heather for a long time. She’s doing really well IMO.

This is called writing at it worst.

Charlie is pointless, like many of the characters these days that aren’t Brooke, Ridge or Lope but he’s also the most annoying and not necessary. Charlie needs to be fired.


That makes sense.

I heard dat!