Challenge for everyone-if you dare!


Scene 12 - Back in the self-storage unit, Deacon and Taylor have realized they can’t open the door and that nobody can hear them. Deacon looks uncomfortable - and not just about being trapped. He takes a deep breath, steels himself, and says, “Taylor, there’s something you need to know. You were right when you thought you saw Sheila. She’s alive.” He then goes through the whole story of Sheila’s faked death and arrival at his doorstep. Taylor is shocked, then horrified, then angry by turns, and finally, seeing the shame and pain in Deacon’s eyes, her expression softens, and she takes his hands in reassurance. “I know what it’s like to be in an impossible situation. And I definitely know that Sheila is a force of nature. You did the best you could. And we’re both alive, and in one piece. We’ll get out of here, and the police will find Sheila.”

When she’s done talking, she’s still holding her hands. Both she and Deacon look down at that, and neither of them lets go.

Scene 13 - At Forrester, there’s chaos in the CEO office. Everyone is stunned at Steffy’s words. Brooke angrily tells Steffy she can’t just fire her or drop Hope’s line. “Eric would never allow it. Or Ridge.”

Steffy points out that neither of them are here, and this is a crisis. Then Quinn steps in. “I’m still Mrs. Eric Forrester. I’m next of kin, and as long as he’s incapacitated, I speak for him. And I know he might not agree with what Steffy, but as she said, this is a crisis, and I think she’s right and this is the only way to stabilize the company. So if we need a vote of the shareholders, Eric’s 37.5% are with Steffy.” Now she stares hard at Brooke, a big smile on her lips. “I don’t have a calculator handy, but I’m pretty sure that Eric’s 37.5% plus Steffy’s 37.5% is more than 50%, am I right?”

“Thank you, Quinn,” Steffy says. “There’s just one more thing. Katie, none of this applies to you. You have done amazing work, and Forrester absolutely needs you. I’d like to promote you to a bigger leadership role, and we can sit down with Carter and work out the title later, and of course there’ll be a big raise for you, too. I hope you’ll stay with us.” Katie stares back and forth between Steffy and Brooke, torn between her ambition and her family.

Scene 14 - In the mountains, at Big Bear, Ridge is sitting outside the family cabin, deep in thought. He flashes back to his time with Taylor in Aspen, remembering how he told her he was with her solely because of his love for her, and not because of anything Brooke did. She snaps back to the present, shakes his head and mutters to himself. “What am I doing here? I have to make things right.” He stands up, goes back into the cabin, emerges a minute later with his suitcase, loads it into his car and drives off.

To be continued…


Im not sure THAT scenario makes any sense. Thomas making out with a mannequin and trying to kidnap Hope, plus making Douglas believe a ghost mother was in his room to scare him to call for Hope wasnt sick or abusive? OK.


The scene I want is Brooke wakes up and says she had the worst dream ever. She dreamt she was pregnant with Deacon’s baby. This is after her year-long affair with her daughter’s husband. She is shook to the core to think she was pregnant and obviously going to get caught.
She sighs a sigh of relief knowing it was just a dream. Hope was never born and doesn’t exist.



Scene 15 - At Brooke’s house, she and Katie are discussing what just happened at Forrester. Liam and Hope come in. “Mom, have you seen this?” Hope holds up her phone to show Brooke the horrible social media attacks on her. “Yes, but that’s the least of our problems right now,” Brooke says, and then tells Hope and Liam about Steffy firing her and killing off Hope for the Future. They’re both shocked and angry.

Hope replies, “She can’t do that! And anyway, Eric would never go along with it.” Brooke says “You don’t know about Eric. He’s in no condition to stop Steffy. He had a heart attack, and he’s recovering from surgery right now. For the moment we’re on our own.”

Katie speaks up. “Steffy was wrong about what she did, but she wasn’t wrong about Forrester being in trouble. I got a look at the sales reports, and it’s bad.”

“And we all know whose fault that is,” Liam says. “We’re not on our own. Bill is going to help us. My father started this with that article in Eye on Fashion. Don’t get me wrong, I hate Thomas as much as he does, but that article was totally out of line, and he didn’t care who else it would hurt. So he’s just going to have to make things right, and there’s no time like the present.” Liam pulls out his phone and starts calling.

Scene 16 - At Forrester, Steffy thanks Quinn for her help. “I know we’ve got our issues with each other, but you really came through for me - for Forrester. And I won’t forget that.” Quinn answers, “It was your decision. And it was a good one. I just want along with it. I’ll talk to your grandfather and explain everything when he’s awake and alert. And speaking of that, I ought to get back to the hospital. God knows what Donna is getting up to over there.”

She leaves, and it’s Steffy, Thomas and Zende in the CEO office. “Zende, I know you had your eye on being the lead designer,” Steffy says. “You will get there. You’ve got the talent. But right now we need Thomas in that spot. I hope you can understand.” Zende doesn’t look happy, but he plasters on the best fake smile he can and agrees, then he leaves.

“Thanks, sis. It means a lot to me.” Thomas hugs Steffy, and she huge him back tightly. “I’m still mad at you, you dummy. But you’re my brother, and you’re also the best designer we’ve got. And despite that stunt you pulled with that stupid phone app, you’re a good father to Douglas. As soon as we get things calmed down here at the office, we’ll work on getting him back with you and the Forresters where he belongs.”

Scene 17 - Ridge is driving back to Los Angeles. We see the speedometer is inching towards 80, and there are still other cars passing him.

Scene 18 - In the storage unit, Deacon and Taylor are exploring the boxes, trying to find something that might help them get out. “I assume this is Sheila’s stuff,” Deacon says. “She’s got to have a gun or a big knife or a blowtorch or something else crazy that we could use.”

“Ooh! Look!” Taylor finds something, Deacon comes over to look, hoping it’s a useful tool, but his face falls when he sees what’s really there. “Granola bars? Do you have any idea how long those have probably been here?”

Taylor looks at the box. “Expiration date - let me see - March of 2015. That’s only seven and a half years. I’m sure they’re fine. Besides, maybe it’s an aftereffect of the cholorform, but I’m starving. And, look what else is in this box!” It’s a bottle of vodka. “I’m sure this is still good. And, hey, look at it this way. If there is anything growing on the granola bars, the alcohol will kill it off, right?”

A couple of minutes later, they’re snarfing down years-old granola bars and trading the vodka bottle back and forth.

To be continued…


Keep going…,I don’t have to watch anyth8ng at all or read the recaps…I really am enjoying your interpretation…lol



Scene 19 - At the hospital, Donna is in the waiting room, pacing back and forth. Quinn arrives, and Donna immediately tenses up even further. “Calm down,” Quinn tells her. “I’m not here for a fight, believe it or not. And I’m not here to take Eric back. God only knows why, but he really loves you, and once the divorce is final, I’ll be out of your lives for good.” Donna looks skeptical. “Think of it this way,” Quinn goes on. “Remember your history classes in high school? When the King wasn’t able to rule, there was a regent who was in charge until he could do the job again. That’s me right now.”

Donna considers that and although she doesn’t look totally convinced, she relaxes slightly. “I get that, but why? I thought you were gone for good.”

“I thought I was, too. But when that alarm went off on my phone, I had to come back and make sure Eric was OK. And there’s something else I have to do, too.”


“Carter. Exactly.”

Scene 20 - In Bill’s office at Spencer Publications, Bill, Liam, Wyatt, Brooke, Hope and Katie are all here. Bill is looking out the window while everyone is staring at him. Finally, he turns to face them.

“Let me get this straight. You want me to put my name and my company’s reputation and millions of dollars behind relaunching Hope for the Future? What do you think I am, an ATM?”

“Dad, your article is what made Steffy drop the line. You owe it to Hope. And Brooke. And me, frankly - in case you’ve forgotten, Hope is my wife. Did you think for one minute how your vendetta against Thomas and Ridge would affect me?”

“I was on board with the article, too,” Wyatt speaks up. “I figured they’d publicly fire Thomas, and maybe totally disown him, and then it would all die down.”

Liam snarls at his brother. “Well it hasn’t, has it?”

“He’s right, Dad,” Wyatt says. They continue to wear Bill down, with Brooke and Hope chiming in, and eventually he caves.

“Fine! Fine. I’ll do it. I’ll bankroll your line. But if I’m paying for it, it’s not going to be some woe-is-me charity operation. Job one is selling dresses and raking in profits. If you want to send some fluffy happy message, you do it on the side, and you run it all by me. And you realize you can’t call it Hope for the Future. The Dressmaker and his family own that name.” Bill thinks for a minute, then goes on. “I’ve got it. The perfect name. It’ll honor my family, and keep your name up front, too. We’ll call it Caroline’s Hope.” He considers his words. “Yeah. That’s perfect. Caroline’s Hope, a Spencer Publications Studio. What do you think?”

Wyatt looks pleased, Liam looks slightly uneasy but pastes a smile on his face, and Brooke and Hope look at each other, shrug, and agree. Then, Brooke goes to Bill, begins to extend her hand to shake his to cement the deal, but then pulls him into a tight hug. Across the room, Katie watches the hug - which goes on for much too long in her eyes - and frowns.

Scene 21 - Ridge is at Forrester, searching through the offices until he finds Steffy. Before he can say a word, she runs to him, hugs him, and then tells him about Eric’s heart attack, and also that she hasn’t been able to reach Taylor.

“Me either,” Ridge says. “I need to go see Dad, but I’ve got a weird feeling about your mother. It’s not like her to just disappear without a word.” He thinks for a moment, then goes to Steffy’s desk, pucks up the phone, and summons Charlie to the office. Charlie arrives, panting, a moment later.

“Charlie, can you please go get that iPhone guy you know? The one who tracked down my phone when I lost it a few weeks ago? You know who I mean. Maybe he can do whatever the hell he does and find Taylor’s phone so we’ll know where she is.” Charlie gives Ridge a salute. “Yes, boss. On the job. I’ll find him right now and we’ll track Taylor down in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.”


My story so far: Thomas threatens Eric with Brooke and Hope going to jail if he doesn’t sell him his shares in Foresters - at market value - Both Eric and Ridge, although outraged, listen to both Justin and Carter and realise that without Steffi’s backing Thomas could never afford them, and if he reneges on the deal, Ridge will regain the 5% of shares he gave Thomas, so Eric agrees to the sale. After the deal is signed $Bill strolls in and reveals himself as Thomas’s backer - he doesn’t need Steffy after all - a massive brawl almost ensues but the dye is cast, Thomas, with Bills backing, now owns 42.5% of Foresters.
Steffy goes to Thomas that afternoon and confronts him, but after explaining himself and selling her 2.5% of the shares, she tentatively agrees to back his acquisition, as well as his return to Foresters.
Now – - - - -
Eric and Ridge have told Donna, Brooke, Hope and Liam, who are all equally horrified, and all equally convinced Thomas is going to go after Hope. Liam heads off to Spencer publications the next morning, determined to have it out with his father and “make” him withdraw his offer to Thomas.
Meanwhile Steffy gets ready for work.
As she’s opening and reading the mornings mail she’s talking to Finn about what’s happened and what she has tentatively agreed to.
She picks up a package, “What the? It’s from Thomas?” she says in surprise.
Finn looks at her with concern. “Steffy, are you sure this is okay with you? It would mean going against your dad and your grandfather to support Thomas. Is this really what you want?”
Steffy tears open the package. “Of course it’s not what I want, truthfully, I don’t know what I’m going to do. Thomas made some valid points, but I honestly don’t see how I can go against Dad and Granddad, I’m in an impossible situation.”
She opens the box she’s just removed from the wrapping and gasps, a look of surprise spreading across her face.
“What is it, says, Finn puzzled.”
Steffy looks up, “It’s a memory . . . a warning . . . and a promise,” she say with a sad frown.
As she reaches into the box her phone rings with a message that an urgent meeting has been called at Foresters.
Steffy takes a deep breath as she looks up at Finn. “It’s okay, for the first time in a long time I know what I have to do! I’ve been so blind Finn, so willing to believe in fantasies that I lost my way, and I ended up hurting my mother every bit as much as Thomas did!” She looks down, “But I finally realise the truth.”
She smiles up at Finn with trepidation. “Wish me luck, I have to go.” She picks up her bag and leaves, the box still in her hand.
Meanwhile Liam arrives at Spencers . . . TBC - if you want


I want……


I want too.


Yes, please continue.


You have to continue now you’ve left us hanging!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Oh yes I’m loving your sl, @starkllr 's and @katiesbeach 's too


Hi Suzie here, checking in.
I just have to tell ya’ll something. There is something weird going on with those Forresters. My son is now dating Mandie, who is Will’s nanny. When I went to check in on them with some snacks, I have to admit that I spied a little and here is what I heard:

Mandie: Dude, you wouldn’t believe the tea that got spilled between Katie & Donna last night. I was on the floor playing with Will by the Christmas tree, and they acted like I wasn’t even there. Rude.
Seth: Rich people problems.
Mandie: So apparently Katie went over Brooke’s last week and $Bill was there. He absolutely begged Brooke to come back to him since Ridge was gone.
Seth: Wait, so he left that hottie to go marry his ex? Extra…
Mandie: But wait, then she turned him down, and then he said the exact same thing to Katie!
Seth: Salty
Mandie: And then she turned him down too.
Seth: Thirsty!
Mandie: Yea, he is. But here is something even weirder. Apparently, Ridge came back to make his choice between Brooke & Taylor (another one of his exes), and they both told him to take a hike.
Seth: YOLO

So, I’m not sure what thirsty and YOLO mean, but that family is so messed up. I have to tell you that I’m hooked, and I’ll post again after the holidays to let you know what those crazy families are up to.


@Takenagain Well anything is possible…I suppose. Looks like the writers listened to us regarding Taylor and Brooke not going back to Ridge. However, I am not going to help these writers, who most likely make a lot of bucks to write these stories. If they do not have the imagination and creativeness to come up with interesting viable stories, they should not have the job. Let someone else come in that know how to write interesting scripts for a Soap Opera! JMO


You all are amazing! :heart:
BTW did we ever find out who was $$ backing Sheila?? Or did that just become a loose thread?


Bill and Wyatt are in his office talking when Liam storms in.
“How could you!” he yells in fury.
“Well hello son, we’ve been expecting you.” says Bill with a half smirk.
Thomas! Really! What the hell are you thinking? Please tell me this is one of your schemes and that it’s not what it seems?" says Liam as he advances towards his father.
“Oh, it’s exactly what it seems” says Bill. “Thomas came to me with a deal I couldn’t turn down.”
As Liam goes to interrupt Bill raises his hands. “I admit, I was going to throw him out as soon as he came in the door, but Justin was with him and convinced me to hear him out. He presented his idea and, I have to say, I was intrigued.” It was audacious, clever, and totally out of left field, it reminded me of me when I was young," He says with a faint smile. “He then left, leaving Justin and I to talk. After I went through the contract, and added a couple of clauses of my own, I signed, it’s an excellent deal and Spencer Publications wins no matter what happens.”
“IT’S THOMAS!” shouts Liam “He can’t be trusted, he’s going to use this to go after Hope. I won’t allow it!”
Bill now angry looks at Liam with contempt. “You won’t allow it? What are you going to do Liam. throw a tantrum until you get your own way? This is a business in case you haven’t noticed! We are here to make money and pay our employee’s, the people who rely on us, not to play favorites to our own personal agendas. This was an excellent opportunity as Wyatt can attest.” he says pointing at Wyatt.
Wyatt gives Liam a rueful smile and holds up the papers he’s been reading. “I mean I don’t trust Thomas as far as I can throw him, but dads right, It is a good deal Liam!”
“See, even your brother agrees, as to Thomas, well sometimes in business you just have to suck it up and join forces with those you normally wouldn’t deal with, this was just one of those occasions.”
Liam stares at his father horrified. “So you’re going to go through with this? You’re going to hurt me, Hope, and Brooke, all to get back at Ridge and Eric in your own stupid vendetta against them?”
“This is business Liam, I don’t see you turning down your fat paycheck each week, but I guess that suits you, you’re hardly even in the office lately, you should be grateful I even keep you on, what other business would put up with your lackadaisical attitude? As to Brooke and Hope, what they do is their business, not mine, and if you can’t keep your own wife from falling for Thomas then, I hate to say it, but she wasn’t that into you from the start! Or is that your problem? As to the deal, it’s good business and maybe if you came up with a great idea like this I’d back it too, but guess what? Tofu Tuesday just doesn’t cut it! Now, are you done? Do you want to actually read the contract?”
Liam is incensed, he stares at his father then at Wyatt who has so far refused to back him.
“I’m done! I quit! Find yourself another toady, I’m outta here!”
Bill shrugs unconcerned. “You walk out that door, don’t expect me to pick up the pieces when you crash and burn.” he says
Liam storms out without answering.
“Dad, you don’t think you were being to harsh? He’s in shock, he’s just trying to protect his family.”
“Well guess what Wyatt,” Bill says as he sits down and leans back. “We’re family too, something Tofu boy seems to have forgotten. If he want’s the dressmaker and his clan, well, he’s got them, I’m done. We have a business to run, and guess what? Dollar Bill is back at the helm, and things are going to be different, they’re going to be back how they used to be.” He smiles as Wyatt looks at him with a little trepidation.


Me too.


Starkllr and takenagain both have different themes but I do so enjoy both of them…much more interesting than the garbage the B & B writers dish up to us…


Steffy walks into the office where Eric, Ridge, Brooke, Katie, Zende and Hope are discussing Thomas and what he’s done while they wait for her.
“Good, you’re here,” says Ridge as she enters. “Have you heard anything from Thomas?”
Steffy nods and tells them what Thomas proposes, as well as him selling her 2 and 1/2 percent of his stock so that had Forty percent each.
“That’s good” says Eric, “It’s a start, I’ll have Carter draw up a contract immediately and transfer the funds to you as soon as everything’s signed.”
Steffy looks at him frowning, just as Thomas enters.
“Oh, you’re all here, good, I’m hoping Steffy has already filled you in on everything? I mean, nothing needs to change as far as I’m concerned, we just all go back to our jobs and run the company as usual.” he says looking at his father.
Ridge glares at Thomas before saying nastily, “Then seeing as I’m CEO of Foresters, you’re fired Thomas, pack your stuff and get out, better yet, just get out and I’ll have your things sent to you.”
Brooke pipes up loudly. " What you’ve done to Eric and Ridge, let alone Rick and Bridget, stealing their birthright from them, it’s totally immoral! Your sick Thomas, you need help, you’re not going to target my daughter again! I wont allow it. You’re finished here!"
Thomas raises his eyebrow. “And what stock in the company do you own Brooke? Or am I missing something?”
“Ridge will protect both the company and Hope from you!” she spits venomously.
"But Ridge only owns twenty percent of the company, I own forty percent, so unless Steffy sides with Dad then it’s a moot point, isn’t it?’
Everyone turns towards Steffy who is now looking from Thomas to the box in her hands, she opens it and takes out an old Teddy Bear.
“You know, I was so conflicted this morning, I honestly didn’t know what I was going to do. Thomas has made some good points, and he’s getting some treatment from an independent source at last, one which he is going to let me contact to keep tabs on his progress. But then there’s Dad and Grandpa, who I love and have always revered as my idols. But something happened this morning that changed everything, Thomas sent me this.” She holds up the old bear to them.
“He sent me Boo Bear, my old teddy, and along with Boo came all the memories associated with him, everything that I needed to remind me of who I was, and more importantly, who you are, and who you’ve always been.”
Ridge frowns as Hopes eyes widen in surprise.
“Steffy, that was so long ago, we were just kids.” says Hope.
Brooke turns to Hope. “I don’t understand, what’s this about?”
Steffy snorts in contempt. “God, you don’t even remember one of the most traumatic days of my life! But then again, neither Thomas, Phoebe nor I ever mattered to you unless Ridge was around, did we.
Brooke looks stunned, whilst Hope reaches out to Steffy. “Please Steffy, we were kids, just little kids. I know I hurt you and I’m sorry, please forgive me and let this go, please Steffy, for the family.”
“Steffy, what’s this about,” says Eric as he moves to stand beside Ridge.
Steffy walks over to Thomas and smiles, “As Hope says, it’s about family Granddad, it’s about promises kept, it’s about protection, loyalty and love, but most of all it’s about a little girl and her brother, and how he was the only one who had her back when the rest of my loving “family” deserted me.” she glances over at Brooke contemptuously. “All to pay homage to the queen of liars.”
She holds up the bear for them and begins her explanation. “You see, one day I came home from school to find Boo Bear missing, he was a gift from my mother, and after we thought she had died, she was the only thing left of her that I had. I knew who had taken him, Hope had been asking to play with him for a long time, and I had warned her repeatedly to leave him alone - or else. Anyway, after a short search I found him in her room on the floor, she spilled her juice over him and just left him there. Well, needless to say, I lost it, I ran to the kitchen and got some scissors and went back and cut all the hair off of Hopes favorite doll to see how she liked it, she didn’t. She came into her room just as I was hacking off the last piece and she started screaming, which brought Brooke running. I told her what had happened, and I showed her Boo Bear.” She gazes down at the old bear with tears in her eyes. “Do you know what she did?” she whispers.
“She snatched him out of my hands and marched down to the kitchen with both Hope and I in hot pursuit. Thomas walked in the back door just as she reached Gina, our housekeeper at the time. She told her to take him down to the rubbish bins right away, as they were about to be collected. Gina tried to say something, and I was screaming and crying while Hope stood there glaring at me and smirking, even Thomas walked out of the room. I ran to my room and rang Granddad because I knew he’d be home, he told me I must be exaggerating, and what I did to Hope was just cruel. Obviously I knew my pleading was falling on deaf ears so I waited until Dad got home and told him. Brooke and Hope had a completely, rather innocent explanation of everything and Dad, of course, backed Brooke, although he did say she shouldn’t have thrown Boo Bear out, but I had no-one else to blame bar myself. Later that night when I was crying myself to sleep Thomas sneaked into mine and Phoebes’ room, he told me he’d ran down and saved Boo Bear from the bin just in time, but that he’d hidden him so that neither Brooke nor Hope could take him from me again. That night we swore a pact, the three of us, to always be there for each other no matter what, and to always be ready to fight against Brooke and the Logan’s, no matter what, because in the end, we were all we had, no-one else would help, not even Dad or Granddad.” She wipes a tear from her eye, as she turns to them all. “Who would be that cruel to a child? Who would support that cruelty to their own child? And who would abandon their love and loyalty to their own flesh and blood because they had “moved on” from their children’s mother? What type of person does that?”
Steffy, I didn’t know, I swear, and it was so long ago, it’s over, let it go.” implores Ridge moving towards Steffy as Hope starts to cry.
Steffy holds up her hand to halt him. “No dad, Boo Bear reminded me of exactly who both you and Grandad are, and what you do! You hurt Mom yet again, and you’re prepared to throw Thomas under the bus for the lies that YOU told her! My god, when I think of what I went through to get this company back for our family, only to have Granddad give Donna a nice chunk of it when they divorced, and now he’s back with her AGAIN! You never learn! Neither of you! So no Granddad, I won’t be selling you any of my shares,” she says contemptuously before turning to Ridge and holding up the bear in his face.
“I’ll be siding with the only one who has ever had my back, the only one I could trust to be there for ME when I needed him. I’m combing my shares with Thomas!” she says before turning back to her brother and smiling/
“And he’s not going anywhere!”


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