Challenge for everyone-if you dare!

We’ve all had something to say about the woeful writing on this show, so here’s your chance. Write a scene you’d like to happen - and if Bell or any of his “cronies” are reading, they’re free to steal it no questions asked - all scenes written are theirs to use if they want!
So go for it !
My Scene -part 1

Justin and Carter enter the main office where both Ridge and Eric are waiting for them after they called a meeting. Ridge explains Steffy couldn’t get there as she’s busy with Finn.

Ridge looks at Carter and says, “What’s this about, why the urgency?”
Carter hands a document over to Eric and says, "We received a visit from Thomas today, he gave us this, I’ve had Justin going over it all day, it’s legal, and airtight should you agree " he says pointing to the document.
“What is it?” asks Eric as he opens the folder.
“It’s a buyout of your shares in Forester” says a voice from the door.
They all turn as Thomas walks in.
“You can’t be serious!” says Ridge snorting in disbelief. “You’re never setting foot in Foresters again Thomas, you’re a danger to yourself and the family” He turns and grabs his phone to call security.
“Ridge stop” says Carter urgently, “You have to read this first and understand exactly what Thomas is prepared to do if Eric doesn’t sell him his shares”.
“What Thomas! What scheme have you cooked up this time? There’s no way you could even afford the shares let alone Dad selling them to you!”
Thomas stares at his father for a long time before smiling slightly. “If I can’t arrange the money within 24 hours than the shares revert back to Grandads, with a guarantee attached, but, if I manage to raise the money then the shares are mine. And once Steffy hears there is a chance for us to run this company together I know she’ll support me!”
“You’re saying Steffy knows about this?” Eric asks holding up the now open contract
“Not yet, but I know she’ll support me, she’s my sister”
“You still haven’t said why you think Dad would sell his shares to you? Or is this yet another one of your sick delusions?”
“Sick delusions?” Thomas snarls as becomes angry. “You’re one to talk about sick delusions! What about when you deliberately took my son from me? When you pretended that Douglas was yours, robbing me from being there when he was born, robbing me of all that time when he was a baby, and for what? So you could pursue your own sick delusions! Don’t talk to me about sick delusions, when the pair of you have done far worse than anything I’ve ever done!”
“Thomas, that’s enough” shouts Eric. “There is no way I’m selling you my shares!”
Thomas tilts his head to the side and smiles
“Then you both better explain to Brooke and Hope why they’re going to jail for attempted murder then! And how you had the chance to save them but refused!”


Part 2

As everyone stares at Thomas in shock Justin steps forward.
“This is what we’ve been trying to tell you. Thomas has gotten the footage from Steffy’s of when Brooke pushed him over the cliff, she had saved it to her storage and Thomas hacked in and stole it! He says he will take it to the police along with a story of him only now remembering what really happened and that Brooke pushed him deliberately. He also says he will tell them that Hope also pushed him into what she thought was a vat of acid, and that he will have her charged with attempted murder along with her mother.”
“You can’t be serious” says Ridge in shock. “No-one would believe it”.
“Wouldn’t they?” says Thomas. “I’ve talked to quite a few people about this and unfortunately for your poor Logan, she’s looking at least an involuntary manslaughter conviction, as for Hope, the best she could hope for is losing custody of Douglas completely.”
“Don’t do this Thomas, it’s wrong, sick, immoral. You’re only hurting your family, the people who love you!”
“Love me?” scoffs Thomas. “Loves me enough to ignore me most of my life, loves me enough to push Steffy and me away in favour of a woman and her children, whose kids who always came before me. Loves me enough to not even bother to make sure I was coping after I thought my mother had been murdered! Heavens no, not the mighty Ridge Forester, you just went straight out and remarried and forgot about your kids! Why, because you had a new family! Loves me enough to steal my son and throw me out of the “family” company who he’s just helped make a success in their latest fashion show. Loves me? You wouldn’t know the first thing about love or loyalty!”
He swings around Eric, “Neither of you would! Played any pickleball lately granddad?”
"You have 5 minutes to decide, if you haven’t signed the papers by the time I get back I go straight to the police!’
He stalks to the door and just before he goes out he turns and with a mocking smirk at Eric says
“The pickleballs in your court!”


Very good writing! Reminds me of something Victor Newman would do. Love it.


Part 3

“Can he do this” Eric ask Carter and Justin urgently
Justin nods. “I’ve been going over this meticulously ever since I got it, just to be sure I also phoned a few friends and a judge, given what Thomas has, along with his testimony, there’s a very good chance the Brooke would end up in prison, and when I say very good I mean my friend the judge said she’s looking at at least 5 years, given what’s on that tape and Thomas’s testimony.”
Ridge reals in shock. “Brooke would never survive prison.”
Carter looks at both Eric and Ridge
“The only out I can see is Steffy not lending Thomas the money, I contacted several of the banks and laid out some scenarios while Justin was talking to his associates, there is no way any of them would lend Thomas the money, and if he’s relying on Steffy, well we know she won’t go there . . . don’t we?”
“Steffy would never support Thomas in this” snarls Ridge.
“The what do we do?” asks Eric
“There is a clause in the contract that states that Thomas cannot report neither Brooke nor Hope for any past wrongdoings, or he agrees to relinquish full custody of Douglas to Hope and all of his shares in Foresters revert to Ridges ownership. In other words, he loses everything that means anything to him if he opens his mouth. As well, as soon as the contract is signed he will immediately turn the footage of his cliff fall over to Steffy.”
" There’s no way I can see for him to raise that money, even if he had Steffy’s support it would be a stretch, but it’s up to you Eric, this is your company and your shares" says Carter.
Thomas walks back in “Times up, what have you decided then?”
“I’ll never forgive you for this Thomas, what happened to you?” says Ridge contemptuously.
“I don’t want or need your forgiveness “DAD”” says Thomas with real venom in his voice.
“As to what happened to me -YOU DID!”
He swings back to Eric, “Well, what’s it to be, who knows, you could always design a nice prison look for Brooke while she’s inside, I’m sure Donna will appreciate it.”
Eric slams the contract down on the table, grabs a nearby pen and signs it.
“Witnesses please” says Thomas with a smile.
Carter signs the contract, as does Justin. They pick it up and hand it to Thomas.
“You think you’ve won?” says Ridge angrily, “But you’ll never get Steffy to back you, you achieved nothing Thomas, you’ve simply proved how sick and delusional you are, after the twenty four hours are up you’ll never set foot in this building again!”
Thomas smiles and put’s the contract in a briefcase. "Steffy, I never said I was getting the money from Steffy. You really should listen more carefully dad. I said I was sure Steffy would back me, and I still hope she will, but I’ve arranged my own backer, he’s here right now actually.
“Why if it isn’t the whole gang” says Bill walking through the door.
End scene by fading out as looks of shock and dawning horror cross everyone’s faces as Justin walks over and stands next to Bill smiling.


I love it, love it, BUT…I would prefer the grandmas from New York as his backer…that way Douglas is well taken care of…but the rest love, love, love it……:australia::australia::australia:


I love it, you are very creative.

I’m not sure if I can see Bill helping Thomas because he seems to hate him as much as the dressmaker.

What do you think about Ridge telling Brooke what Thomas is doing. She goes to Bill and Bill tells her after his shooting he installed cameras throughout his house and he has Taylor’s confession. He tells Brooke she can have it.

Brooke tells Donna about the evidence and that she has the thumb drive of the video in her desk. Justin overhears.

There is a big meeting with everyone and Brooke tells Thomas if he goes to the cops so will she.

It looks like they are at a stalemate, but then Justin enters and tells everyone he destroyed the evidence and there is no confession.

New ownership changes all the dynamics at FC, and Bill vows to get revenge on Justin, and they have a big storyline.


That could also work! But I want the “old” pre-Brooke Bill back, and I see Bill doing this out of spite to Ridge anyway. Both as a way to punish him for what he did to Brooke if you want, but mainly because he really does loathe Ridge, and he see’s this as a great investment -
1: Financially it makes great sense, especially given the new found success of Thomas’s designs
2: If he supports Thomas he gets to continuously rub Ridges nose in the :poop: and that is something that would really appeal to the “old” Bill.
and 3: I thought that this way he gets to test Justin to see if he’s still prepared to be loyal to him so he can take him back, because he actually misses him, but your way would also work. I really want Erics shares out of his hands, and I’d love Thomas to get them to open up a whole new dynamic, and this way Bill gets to strut around all he wants making his funny jokes about Ridge and tormenting him - just because he can

BUT There’s nothing to stop you from doing a scene you’d like to see played out - go for it, this was just an idea I had after reading Ridge will kick Thomas out of the company, so I went with it - lol
ps: b&b could do with a “villain” like Victor, love or hate him, he certainly adds the drama :slight_smile:


Time to write a scene that you’d love to happen - Just do it -lol :slight_smile:


I like your idea. Take Bill back to his roots.

I would like to see Thomas as a formidable opponent. This scheming isn’t working for him when it involves Douglas. A business storyline like this is a good direction and there are so many opportunities for good storylines from it.

I wish you wrote for the soap.


Iove it, but think, Prince Omar, or Massimo would be a better foe. They can’t be backed down for the love of everything Logan.


So here’s another take on how things could go…

Scene 1 - Bill is in his office with Wyatt and one of his writers for Eye on Fashion. He’s just gotten the story about Thomas and the CPS call, and he’s frothing at the mouth. “That punk Thomas is just like his father. Him and the dressmaker think they can get away with anything. Well, when I get through with him, Thomas Forrester won’t be able to show his face in the whole damn state of California!”

Bill orders his writer to do the most brutal hatchet job on Thomas (and, incidentally, Ridge and Taylor for their obviously awful parenting skills), with Wyatt egging him on (remember that Wyatt has no love for Thomas, going back to their short-lived rivalry over Sally).

Scene 2 - a few days later, Steffy is in her office. She’s got the latest issue of Eye on Fashion in one hand (with a horrible photo of Thomas on the cover, looking like a deranged serial killer or something), and a batch of Forrester sales reports in the other. She’s sighing and shaking her head and muttering to herself. As she reads the sales reports, she flashes back to the HFTF fashion show, and in her mind’s eye she sees Hope leading Thomas on, cozying up to him, etc. Then she looks at the magazine cover, and flashes back to Thomas and Ridge telling her how Brooke flipped out when Thomas was carving an apple, and how she went on and on about he was a danger to his son because of it. She throws down the magazine and the sales reports, says to herself, “This has to end. It’s all gone on long enough.” Then she picks up her phone and calls her father, who doesn’t pick up; then she tries Eric, who doesn’t answer either.

to be continued…



Scene 3 - Steffy arrives at the Forrester mansion in search of Ridge and/or Eric. Instead, she finds an ambulance outside and the front door wide open. She runs inside to find paramedics putting an unconscious Eric onto a stretcher. Before she can ask them what’s going on, Donna comes rushing down the stairs. Steffy asks her “What happened to Granddad?”

Donna answers that he had a heart attack, but she wasn’t here when it happened. She was out shopping, and she got home just as the ambulance was driving up. “I guess Eric felt it coming on and was able to call 911 before he passed out. But it’s all your brother’s fault. It was all the stress, I just know it.” Steffy holds herself in check; she looks ready to hit Donna, but she controls herself for her grandfather’s sake. She tells Donna to go in the ambulance with Eric, and she will track down Ridge, and let the rest of the family know.

At that moment, Quinn walks in the door. “No, I’ll be going in the ambulance with my husband.” Donna and Steffy just stare at her in shock. “It takes six months for a divorce to be final. Technically I’m still his wife, and I will make damn sure he pulls through this.” As Eric is loaded into the ambulance, she explains further. “I guess he liked that ring I made for him. I never took the app off my phone, so it still monitors his heartrate. And about an hour ago, it started going crazy, and I knew what that meant, so I called 911 to the house for him and got here as fast as I could.”

Scene 4 - at the hospital a few hours later, Steffy, Finn, Donna, Quinn, Brooke, Katie and Zende are all outside the ICU. Ridge is still nowhere to be found. A doctor - a heart specialist - comes out of Eric’s ICU room and they all clamor for information. The specialist begins giving them a jargon-filled medical lecture, and Finn explains it in plain English to the family. It was a severe heart attack, and Eric will need major surgery, as soon as possible, but it’s risky and someone will need to give consent. Quinn steps up and asks Finn, “Are you sure this is the only choice? If it was Steffy in there, what would you do?” He confirms it’s the only hope, and says that the surgeon who’ll be doing it is the best around. “I’d trust my wife or my daughter with him. You can trust Eric in his hands.” Quinn signs the consent form, while Donna, Brooke and Katie silently glower and seethe at her presence.

As soon as the consent is signed, Thomas shows up. “I know you’re all still angry at me, but I had to see my grandfather.” Brooke snarls at him and demands he leave, but Steffy puts an arm around him. “Thomas isn’t going anywhere. He’s family, and Granddad needs all the Forresters with him right now.”

to be continued…


I dont really write scenes, I just figure out some plots.
I think Omar is still alive if not someone let me know.

FC has another fashion show, they find out their is a new fashion house, with a hot new designer.
As they prepared the all their designs are corrupted and can not be pulled. They remember Thomas has some designs that belong to him, not the company. They to get in touch with Thomas knowing he would love
being thrown a bone thrown his way. Thomas can’t be found, so they decide to go.forward with the show and designs. All they keep hearing about is about the new designer. They find out the name of the company but it rings no bell, but never met him. The day of the show they are getting ready backstage and Thomas finally show up, they tell Thomas whats going on, he says he knows and if they use his designs without his permission he will press charges against the company and Ridge personally. After begging Thomas to be reasonable, he will not. They promise him his job back. Ridge tells him they can work things out. Thomas says no.They pull out of the show knowing it will cost them nearly everythiny promise.
The show starts and they find out the new hot designer is Thomas and he uses the designs they were going to use.

At the end of the show everyone finds out Thomas co owns the design company along with Omar( or someone else from Ridge and Taylor past). Taylor appears not knowing anything about anything. Omar tells her he has been keeping up with her for years. He knows what is going on and what her and Thimas has been going througwsh. He tells her he knows Thomas is not is son, but cares about him because he never stopped loving her.

Ridge tells himl to stay away from his family, he tells Ridge ok he will and for him to stay away from his. He announces he has adopted Thomas, and he will be a true father to him.

At this time a woman and a boy child appears and is introduced as Thomas wife and step son. Omar says his family was leaving, Thomas tells Taylor to come with them, that she will never be respected by this family. He says I need you to stand by me and leave with me now. Taylor looks around the room, remembering her no wedding day
She takes Thomas hand and leaves with them.
I guess that was an attempt at a scene.

Just to give Lynn,a tickle, the name of the company could be named .

TOT, Thomas - Omar- Taylor.


My scene is written from the perspective of Eric’s new neighbor, Suzie.

Well, there we go. Just unpacked and found the laptop, and have to login to let ya’ll know about my crazy new neighbors.

We met Eric Forrester while we were looking at the house. He really did seem like such a nice man. We weren’t too sure about his wife, Quinn, because we had heard some really negative things about her, but by the time we moved in, he had some new hottie living there. My 15-year-old son met some kids in the neighborhood that told him her name was Donna, and that she was super-hot and always sunbathed nude.
Tomorrow, I am moving my son’s room to the other side of the house.
Anyway, things were happening last week. Found out that Eric’s son Ridge was getting married. We were surprised, because when we met him before, he was married to a lady named Brooke. Seems like things move rather quickly around here.
Come to think of it, we really can’t figure out who exactly is living at Eric’s. It’s none of our business, but for a while, there was a little boy living there that we were told was Eric’s great-grandson. He was so sweet, but now we never see him.
I was so curious about Eric, that I couldn’t help but do some research. Boy, was I in for a shock to find out that Eric had once been married to the lady named Brooke that was married to his son. Brooke’s sister lives next door to Eric, and shares several exes with her sister Brooke. And then I just had to walk away when I found out that the new hottie in Eric’s house is Katie & Brooke’s OTHER sister EWE. What kind of a town did I move into?


Tell us more! Who will Suzie end up with? Will the son sneak onto Forrester property to catch a glimpse of Donna?


Continuing my story…

Scene 5 - Steffy and Thomas are at the hospital, in a waiting room. Steffy tells him dishes still angry, but that can wait, right now everyone needs to focus on Eric. Thomas agrees and asks where their parents are. Steffy says she hasn’t been able to get hold of Ridge, and she’s been so flustered she hasn’t even tried to call Taylor yet.

She checks her phone and sees a message she had missed - it’s from Ridge. He says he had to get away after all the craziness of the wedding and he’s headed to the cabin in Big Bear. “No wonder he’s not answering you,” Thomas says. “You know the cell reception there is awful.”

Steffy nods and calls Taylor to tell her the news, but the phone just rings and rings and goes to voicemail. And then we cut to…

Scene 6 - We see Taylor’s phone sitting in the passenger seat of a car, with Steffy’s missed call flashing on the screen. Then we pan over to the driver’s seat, and it’s Sheila behind the wheel!

Scene 7 - We’re in a small, dimly lit room cluttered with boxes, and we see two figures on the floor. They’re both unconscious but they stir awake as we watch. It’s Deacon and Taylor! They look around and then at each other. “What the hell? Where are we? What are you doing here?”

Deacon goes first and says that he was having a beer in his apartment, and he started to feel weird and the room began to spin and now he’s here, wherever here is. Taylor explains that she was at the cliff house, not doing anything in particular, when she heard a noise outside, went to investigate, opened the door, and caught a momentary glimpse of someone that she thought looked like Sheila, but obviously that’s impossible because she’s dead. Then whoever it was chloroformed her, and now she’s here.

Deacon tries the door, which is solidly locked. Then he begins shouting for help. We pan out of the room to see it’s a 10X10 cube in a self-storage facility and we can barely hear him through the thick cement walls…


This is set a day after Thomas takes over Eric’s stock in Forester Creations.
'I suppose you’re happy with yourself?" snaps Steffy as she walks into Thomas’s new apartment.
“Hey sis, I was expecting you, so, are you going to let me explain, or are you just going to attack me before you hear my side to this. I’ve got a lot to organise so feel free to rant while I unpack if you like?”
Steffy glares at him. “This isn’t a joke Thomas, what you did is unconscionable, it’s sick, twisted, you joined forces with Dads worst enemy and you basically stole your own grandfathers shares, just so you could get your revenge on them, it’s sick!”
Thomas looks up slowly, anger clearly showing on his face. “Sick? You’re seriously calling me sick, after all you’ve done to protect the company in the past, after all you’ve seen, after all you’ve FELT, of the crap both Dad and Granddad have forced you, me, and mum to endure over the years, and for what? Because neither of them could keep it in their pants for more than a month, especially if there was a Logan around.”
Steffy snorts in derision
“Tell me I’m wrong then Steffy! Tell me I just told you one lie, one exaggeration, one half truth! Did you even remember what it was like for us growing up? The constant feeling of being ignored no matter what you did, of never being good enough, while Brooke and her children simply replaced us in dads eyes. You look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t remember!”
Steffy stares at him frowning but keeping quiet as she thinks back to their childhood and her own rebellion against her father and Brooke.
“This wasn’t the way to do it though Thomas, you’re just hurting everyone now.” she says more quietly.
Thomas walks over and takes Steffy’s hands and looks into her eyes.
“I did this for us sis, so that Granddad didn’t give Donna or Brooke any shares, or worse, leave any to Rick when he passes.”
As Steffy goes to pull back he tightens his grip a little.
“Listen to me Steffy, I mean with your head, as well as your heart. When Granddad passes Rick will return with his hand out, and if Brooke has her claws into dad again, then they could combine there shares and push both of us out. The Logans would have control of the company again, don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it. You know it’s true. You should know how weak and gullible both Dad and granddad are when it comes to Brooke and Donna, for gods sake, you nearly married Bill to get back the shares that granddad gave Donna, and he’s back with her AGAIN! I may not have liked Quinn, but at least the woman had some class, she never asked Eric for a dime, unlike that blonde harpy who took him for everything she could get!”
Steffy takes a deep breath, a thoughtful look now on her face. “So what are you proposing Thomas, that you and I combine our shares and run the company?”
“Not exactly, I want things to stay as they are, dad still running the company, you as his V.P. and me in design on HFTF.”
At Steffy’s frown he quickly adds. “Don’t worry, I know where I stand now, I’ve been seeing someone, a lot, and I’m starting to really figure some things out, Hope is the past, I’m settled on the future, speaking of which.” He walks over to a cabinet and picks up a document then hands it to Steffy.
“What’s this?” she asks.
“Read it” says Thomas with a smile.
She opens the document and starts to read, a smile spreading slowly across her face. “This is an option for me to buy two and a half percent of your shares!”
“That’s forty percent each sis, we’d be equal, all I ask is if either one of us manage to get any shares, we go halves, it’s all in the contract. I want Foresters to be ours, really ours, so that no-one can ever take it from us again. It’s stays in the family for-ever, our family!”
He looks at Steffy hopefully as she continues to scan the document. “What do you say sis, do we have a deal?”
Steffy looks up, tilting her head to the side as she starts to see Thomas in a surprising new light, one she actually agrees with.
She hold out her hand a smiles. “We have a deal.”


This is Suzie again. Oh my GAWD!
I got parched from all my research and decided to drag the hubby down to a highly recommended restaurant called Il Gardino’s. We sat at the bar for a while and chatted with a cute bartender named Deacon. Imma gonna try to make a long story short for you, but this guy turns out to be the ex of that lady Brooke (she sure gets around!)

And then he tells us that Ridge’s daughter and son-in-law were involved in a shooting in the alley! Right frickin there! And then, all of the sudden, that daughter and SIL came in for something to eat. I think both my husband and I had our jaws on the floor. We have never seen two more beautiful people up close. Anyway, we happened to be close enough to their table that when I heard them mention Brooke, my ears perked up. BOY did we get an earful. Is it too late to get out of our contract?
To make things worse, we come home to my son and a bunch of boys spying on Donna in the pool. I heard every single one of them say they were going to try to get a job as a pool boy! I do not think that I can let my family near any of these people.

Oh, I forgot to mention that this gorgeous guy in a really spiffy car keeps coming to Katie’s house. I’m not sure who he is yet, but dying to get the deets on him and Katie, and will let you all know what I find out


I loved it too, but I would have written Massimo as his backer, somebody richer than Eric and Ridge put together, and who is not scared of them. Let Ridge deal with his bio dad supporting the son Ridge disowned for the Logans.


Continuing on…

Scene 8 - At the Forrester offices, Sierra the lead model is talking to a couple of other models. They’re discussing the recent Hope for the Future show, and also the whole mess with Thomas and Brooke. “Thomas is the best designer this place has ever had,” Sierra says. “I don’t know why they can’t see that. And I don’t know what he sees when he’s mooning over Hope. She doesn’t deserve him.” The other models agree. One of them says, “Maybe you need to tell him that.” The other model, waving her phone where we can see the Instagram app running, says “Maybe you need to tell the whole world. We’ll help!”

Scene 9 - At the hospital, Finn updates the family on Eric’s condition. “I just talked to the surgeon. Everything went as well as we hoped. Eric is back in ICU. He’s going to be out for the next few hours, and pretty weak for a while after that. You all ought to get home and get some rest and come back in the morning when he’s ready for visitors.”

“Actually, I need to go back to the office,” Steffy says. “There’s business that can’t wait. You go home to Kelly and Hayes. Amelia’s been watching them but I’m sure she’s ready for a break. I’ll come home as soon as I can.” Then she turns to Brooke. “You should come back to the office too. What I have to do concerns you as well.” Brooke protests and Steffy waves her off. “The sooner this gets done, the better. It shouldn’t take long, Brooke, and then you can go…” Steffy nearly begins to say “go to hell” but catches herself. “You can go home, or wherever else you need to be.”

Quinn is watching Steffy intently. “Maybe I should come, too. Someone needs to represent Eric.” Steffy catches her eye, and gives her the tiniest smile in response.

Scene 10 - At Liam and Hope’s cabin, Liam is on his laptop, and he sees something weird. “What the heck?” He keeps looking at the screen and getting more and more upset. Hope emerges from the bedroom. “I just put Beth down for the night. How about we get the fire going and crack open a bottle of wine. I think we deserve it, don’t you?”

Liam shakes his head. “That’s going to have to wait. Come look at this.” Hope comes over, looks at the screen, and gasps. “What? Who’s posting all this? It’s horrible!”

We focus on the screen, and we see Instagram and twitter posts praising Thomas and trashing Hope. “Oh my God!” Hope points to one especially nasty post. “That’s just - who would say that about me?” And then she notices that it’s gone viral. “50,000 retweets? This is insane!”

Scene 11 - At Forrester, in the CEO’s office, Steffy is behind the desk. Brooke, Katie, Zende and Quinn are all here. Donna is at the hospital, in case there’s any urgent developments with Eric.

Thomas enters the room, and Brooke hisses at him. “You don’t belong here! Your father doesn’t want you here.” Steffy says, “Our father isn’t here, and I’m the CEO, and I say he belongs here. Thomas, please close the door so we can get on with this.”

He does, and Steffy begins the meeting. She discusses the suddenly failing sales of Hope for the Future, and the horrible article in Eye in Fashion. “And if that wasn’t bad enough, now we’re being trashed on social media. Hope is going viral, and not in a good way.” Everyone pulls out their phones. Brooke and Katie are horrified, Zende is confused, and Thomas is trying not to smile at what he’s seeing.

“We have to do something, right now, before this drags the whole company down. I know this is a bad time, with Granddad in the hospital and my father out of reach, but we have to act. As of now, we are dropping the Hope for the Future line. And we’re reinstating Thomas as our lead designer, And, finally, Brooke, we want to thank you for your service to the company, but as of now we are moving in a new direction and we have to let you go. We’ll give you a generous severance package, but we’re going to need you to clean out your office by the end of the week.”