Cater purposes to Paris against QUINN's disapproval

Quinn disapproves of Carter giving the ring to Paris! This states she is selfish and really doesnt want Carter to move on. It is a huge ring!

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When did Carter propose to Paris? I guess we’re behind here in the States because of the hearings.

Just because Quinn doesn’t want Carter proposing to Paris doesn’t mean she selfish. It just means she doesn’t think he’s in love with Paris and if he’s not in love with Paris he shouldn’t propose to Paris.

If it’s the ring Carter took from Quinn on Friday’s show Quinn designed that huge ring.


Why would she want Carter with an annoying girl who he doesn’t even love? He’s admitted it. Paris is a rebound and he is still in love with Quinn.

Quinn on the other hand loves Eric, even though she also loves Carter. Plus, she was already married. Carter is beginning a marriage for all the wrong reasons. He thinks he can be happy with Paris, but it doesn’t work that way.

I agree with Quinn. Don’t marry anyone you’re not in love with. Someone else will come along.


Quinn not wrong to tell Carter not to marry Paris.
I also think Quinn wants to keep Carter single just in case her and Eric don’t work out.
Quinn trying to stay loyal to a mutt. Donna deserves everything she gets. Talking about she’s not a homewrecker than turn around and say leave your wife.

Eric don’t love Donna he’s in lust with her. So that’s why when he leaves Quinn for her hope everything goes down the hill for them. Also want Paris to fall too.


It’s nuts Carter would purpose to Paris the Twit.

Carter needs to tell Quinn, you are my sole mate, get a divorce and lets get married.


I guess Carter’s character is just a lonely guy who wants anyone that wants him lol. He asked Zoe to marry her too.

I don’t think the proposal was shown but we did see Carter snatch that ring Quinn made and head out after he got frustrated. Is that all we get?

Quinn still has feelings for Carter and doesn’t want him with Paris. Who would? She’s a brat. That doesn’t excuse Carter, though. It’s so wrong of him to use Paris that way when he is in love with Quinn.


:laughing::laughing::laughing:Love the way proposed is spelled… Hey I know this site and autocorrect I almost used sexual slang without even knowing it a few times.:laughing: all fun we know what you mean.

WOULDNT matter …Quinn wants both yet chooses the wealthiest and most prestigious! LIKE it or not she selfish and greedy; always has been!

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She is a brat. I can’t stand her.

Maybe Carter using her, is her Karma for using Zende.


Agreed. Nothing selfish. She wants him to be happy and she knows he is not in love with Paris.

Question about these rings. Who is paying for them when Carter snatches it up or Zende has Quinn make one?

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So if Quinn would have chosen Carter she wouldn’t be selfish and greedy?

I have never thought of Quinn as being selfish or greedy. If she was greedy she certainly wouldn’t have signed the divorce papers without even reading them, without having hired a lawyer.

No the greedy one of the two women is Donna the one who took 12.5% of Eric’s company and sold it at double its value to Bill when she could have sold it to a Forrester at value and still made multimillions off Eric. Donna the one who had Eric Forrester adopt her grown adult son so he would be a Forrester that’s greedy and selfish.

Quinn didn’t even want her adult son to find out Bill Spencer was his father.

Quinn is the opposite of greedy and selfish. Donna is the poster child for greedy and selfish.


I think this is way more about Quinn still loving Carter, and him loving her.


And since she knows fully well that Carter loves her, she doesn’t want him to marry someone he just likes. It’d be selfish to want someone to get married for all the wrong reasons just to help protect your own marriage.


I agree, she knows this is a bad idea all around.


QUINN wants Carter for herself. If anyone can’t
see that …idont know what to say. That’s selfish. CAUSE she wants prestige also with Eric.

That is Brooke’s MO…gosh she didn’t even want deacon to get married, because once Brooke has had a man, they are hers for life….


If Quinn thought Carter was in love with Paris I think Quinn would be congratulating Carter.

Quinns giving Carter advice. She’s not doing it via her tongue in his mouth, or prancing around in her lingerie or while in bed like a Logan would do.

Quinn is celibate and she has been for many months because it’s her husband that she wants. If Quinn wanted Carter for herself right now she’d be doing the same thing with Carter that Eric’s doing with Donna.


Quinn has loved Eric for a long time. While Quinn might enjoy the money and prestige that Eric brings to her life their marriage was not about that.

Quinn did fall in love with Carter but it did not stop the love that she felt for Eric. All the away along Quinn had been telling Carter that Eric was the man that she wanted to be with but Eric was not acting as if he wanted to be with her. Eric had asked her to come back home after the separation because of Shauna marrying Ridge but he was not acting as a husband should. Erics bad behaviour started long before Quinn had sex with Carter. Eric also was the one that tore up the divorce papers because he wanted Quinn to come home.

It is not that Quinn does not want Carter to marry. It is just that Quinn does not want Carter to be with Paris. Quinn has never liked Paris. I remember Quinn giving Zoe access to Eric medicine that would ruin Paris´ date with Zende. Then Paris outted Quinn on the day of her vow renewal. Carter has also implied that he was just rebounding with Paris. Why would Quinn want Carter to enter a marriage with someone that he does not truly love? If Zoe had come back and Carter had decided to rekindle their relationship then I believe that Quinn would have been fine with that because Carter had loved Zoe.


Paris looks and acts 14! Totally unbelievable Carter would give her even a second glance, much less a romantic relationship or possible marriage!..