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Cast cutting ideas

So, they are cutting Julian and Lulu. If cast cutting is needed, I recommend:

Willow (perhaps another actress could do this role better)
Anna (used to like her for many years)
Finn (although we need to keep doctors on GH)
Nina (liked original, new one is okay but not Nina)
Lulu (agree, bring back original)
Alexis (she could return someday)

Holly (she would fit in 2020 for some reason)

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I like Emne as lulu and I like Anna and Finn
But dev Sasha Brando Spinelli Dustin Olivia Sam and Alexis can all go

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Wow surprised about Julian, Alexis should go too. They were so great together but now Blah! LuLu is my least favorite character but I’m sorry for actress.

The writing for Alexis and Julian has been awful since RC left. They were the number one couple among all 4 soaps. Julexis was special and it has ruined by every writing since RC left. First by Jelly ruining their wedding then having Julian try and kill Alexis with a promise to fix it soon. This new team writing has been worse they do not seem to know how write for couples at all. They want to cut anything start with these writers I think college students trying to break into the business would do a better job.

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I think some writers might need to go and get some new story ideas instead of this Cyrus and who is Peter’s mom crap. The drug and alcohol angle is way to prominent in too many storylines. Get back to love in the afternoon instead of everyone needing an intervention! First Neil now Alexis and Shasha… really? These writers don’t seem to have as good of a grasp of these characters we have watched for so long. Lulu is whimpy, Sam is a housewife, Anna is whining and gullible, Alexis has been written into a corner, Julian has been backburned, and Ned has turned into Edward. Enough already!

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Begin with Sam and Jason. That would save a lot
Of money. I think she makes millions a year.

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Who knows with Sam. If KeMo is unhappy she can go. Jason isn’t going anywhere.

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Sam is not going anywhere…at least not yet…:upside_down_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Wouldn’t be so sure. There’s been a lot of “stuff” going on since her friend left. Who knows.

You nailed it!! I can understand them doing the drug story line because of the opioid crisis in the country and they want to be relevant. And I like Cyrus. But the Alexis & Julian character assassinations are despicable. Alexis’ alcoholism has reached ridiculous status and the once-feared Julian Jerome has been reduced to a spineless worm with no way out.


I want to keep everybody. I don’t care about those that I don’t know like Holly or Lucky etc. I have not watched that long.

Cut Sonny and Jason.

That will only happen when the show is cancelled or one or both retire. Love them both. The heart of GH along with the Quartermaine’s!

Myself and have stopped watching bc of their SL I am about to stop watching again so they could make to the end it may cost everyone the show.

They are the lead characters with huge fan bases. They won’t be the cause of cancellation. Way more watch “for” them as opposed to not watching. I love the mob/danger stories. I’m board stiff by sappy storylines like Michael and Willow.

Im thinking with Francos tumor in which might not end well cause we dont know, maybe theres still a chance for Liz and Jason. The way Sam and Jason are, theres a lot more GH fans would love nothing more to see them back together again

Sorry for the typos - you get my drift. I have no idea who “Gibson” is! Lol must have been an auto correct for some other word I was trying to type.

Characters I could live without / live to see more of (or return)

  1. Dev can go - I don’t see the point
  2. Dustin - nice guy but boring. If Emma Ryan is leaving just let Lulu and Dustin move away together
  3. Any and all reference to Nell. - Just let her be dead already.
  4. Sasha - she isn’t connected to anyone and just seems like filler now that her and Michael are over. (I like Michael and Willow)
  5. Alexis’s daughters. All of them. Let Alexis become the fierce and funny woman she once was. Maybe she could be the legal advisor for EQ and work with her “brother” Valentine. And move on already!
  6. Robert Scorpio is tired. Just let him REtire already!

Bring back:
Come cool hunky doctors!
Noah Drake (Even if Robin comes with him)
Is Jeff Webber still alive? I forget. Gibson, bring him back.
New hunky doctors
Drew - I liked him even though the “missing twin Quartermain” part was stupid, I liked the characters personality
Lucky - Reunite & reinvent the 3 musketeers with Nick & (blanking her first name) Nurse Webber

My cast cutting ideas:
Alexis ( She needs to go)
Lu-Lu (Bring back original Lu-Lu)

Bring back:
Holly for Robert
Robin and Patrick

I hated Liz with Jason. I still holding out for better times with Jasam.

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