Carly’s Ring

Anyone know what the center stone in the engagement ring Jason gave Carly. The color is really pretty is it supposed to be a diamond, sapphire?

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It looked like a dark aquamarine? Although it could have been blue tropaz? Was too light to be emerald! And tanzanite is more purple…


Pale blue Simulated Diamond I would assume. It is too pale to be a simulated sapphire and it’s blue not green like an Emerald and too true blue to be aquamarine they have a slight turquoise tint. I just find it utterly ridiculous that he bought the thing in the first place.


I agree, I didn’t consider a pale blue diamond? My first thought was aquamarine! I used to sell jewelry and that’s the only stone it reminded me of! But now that you said it he would never give he aquamarine with a diamond is so much more expensive and valuable :rofl::rofl::rofl:
I’m not surprised in the least that he bought her a ring! Jason would do anything to please Carly!


Oh, I wasn’t “surprised” at all it was just one more added gesture to this utter FARCE! Maybe he will just “recycle” when the “time comes” and give the rock to The Britch! I have always loved Jason no matter what but this storyline and his insta Britch romance and his actions just have me rolling on the floor laughing!


That day I read the recap and it stated the ring was an emerald.

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Is is an elongated “Emerald Cut” stone. Not an Emerald. Looks like a simulated Blue Diamond.


Blue Topaz is semi-precious and not very expensive. Aquamarine is more expensive but no where near what a Blue Diamond would cost. No way ultra rich Jason would skimp on his true loves ring. :rofl: Nevah! :rofl: Step above the Lug Nut Sam got when Ditz Head Maxie lost the Diamond he bought her! :roll_eyes:


Looked like a blue topaz or aquamarine to me. He could’ve gotten her a diamond with his blood money but chose not to. Cheap Skate

That’s not a blue topaz nor an aquamarine ring. It’s a simulated pale blue Diamond. He’s a lot of things but cheap ain’t one of them.

I think Carly has a… Mint Green Moissanite, and it is pretty…
Maybe I’m wrong
but I did find this info…
Green diamonds, also referred to as chameleon diamonds, are extremely rare. They can be found in a variety of shades, from olive to yellow-green. The Dresden Green diamond is one of the most famous, second only to the Fancy Green Aurura Diamond, which weighs in at over 5 carats. Green diamonds are extremely difficult to find.

OK I’ll say it. If you are right and it sounds plausible. Jason’s not cheap lol.
That is a sparkler.

That stone is blue. It’s simulated they don’t use real rings as props. Looks like a pale Blue Diamond CZ.

If memory serves, Jason has Alan’s ring, unless Drew kept it.

I believe Jason still has Alan’s wedding band and Sam gave Jason back Lila’s ring she was wearing.

Does Willow now have Lila’s ring?

She has/had a blue sapphire solitaire ring of Lila’s reminiscent of princess Diana’s! But not the one Sam has!

Sam doesn’t have that ring anymore. She gave it back to Jason on the pier because it was an heirloom. Either Jason still has it or he gave it to Monica perhaps.

No not the ring Jason gave Sam it was Lila’s wedding band. A thin band with diamonds.

I thought it looked like topaz too. Very, very pretty. She goes from one huge rock to another.