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Carly and Nelle flashbacks

There are a few things I am confused about; if Nelle was like 6(that is the age she seemed to be in the flashbacks) when Carly was 18 or 19 then how could she have been a child when her father donated her kidney to Joss.
When Joss was born Nelle would have been an adult when Joss was a baby. She probably wouldn’t have been able to donate her kidney since Joss was a child and she was an adult.

Carlys age and Nelles age don’t make sense according to the flashbacks.

Also who is Nelles mother? I don’t remember her ever mentioning a mother.

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Good point, Carly had Joss way after that rewrite scene of her seeing little girl Nelle. Little girl Nelle would have been an adult by the time Joss needed a kidney.


Alot doesnot add up because of the rewrite
Just like noone talks about jake and everyone believe it was her kidney
Noone is talking about the fact that jax knew it wasnot jakes kidney jax knew taking jake off life support to give joss a kidney wasnot nessasary
Thats why jason and lucky told liz to turn it off so he could save joss life
Jake who never died either
When jake returned noone really questioned where joss kidney came from

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I don’t understand why she thinks Carly owed her anything. She saw Nelle for less than 5 minutes when she was a child. They’re not blood related. I think some of this is a rewrite because I don’t remember Carly mentioning going to see Frank, certainly didn’t mention the little girl there. Why would Carly recognize her grown-up? Nelle is not only psycho, but also delusional. Chloe is good though, I felt sorry for her for a minute.