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Carly and Nelle are not sisters

She was adopted they aren’t related by blood if so then Nelle would have been sleeping with her nephew.

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Not the most unheard of things especially in royal families in old days. And on Game of Thrones. :slight_smile: But I agree. I think Nelle is related to Joss on her father’s side. She got that psycho gene from her daddy, Jerry.

UGH…this was so boring. Hope something big comes out of it.

No not at all sorry Nelle’s dad and Carly’s dad Carly’s dad is her adopted dad so yeah not

Nelle will have to be related to someone on Carly’s side or Jax for that kidney to be a match.

If Nell didn’t steal the necklace or have one made, she would have been sisters with Kiki but her good buddy Ryan murdered her.

Wow! I forgot about that. Took me awhile to work that out in my head. Thanks.

Welcome! If Silas & Nina are Nelle’s parents, I don’t see how that’s possible. You don’t have to be related to be a match for a kidney. My father’s 2nd wife needed a kidney; her ex-boyfriend provided it. They weren’t related.

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