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Carly and Nell Confrontation?

Finally someone reminds Carly of all the things she has done to people and that she came from trash just like Nell. Nell and Carly May not be related but both of them set out with the same goal to use people and neither one of them cares who gets hurt I especially loved when Nell reminded Carly what she did to Tony Jones taking advantage of a broken Tony right after BJs death and letting him think he could be Michaels father


Nell was making a lot of sense, wasn’t she?

It was a great set of scenes…Chloe is so talented…when she was saying that she wanted that same “makeover”, I felt bad for her. That is talent to be so evil & then make me feel compassion for her.


Nelle and Carly’s scenes visually reminded viewers of the truth behind Nelle’s words.

Carly herself said that she’d forgotten what the viewpoint is for someone on the outside. Even with that point, Carly pointedly said, “I’ve been on top for so long…” Carly continues to refuse to put herself in Nelle’s shoes. Irrespective of being compassionate/sympathetic, it is a good strategy to employ when you are at odds with an individual, but, you are seeking some type of compromise or resolution with that individual. Willow also has this flaw, telling Michael that it does not matter why Nelle does what she does.

None of them are required to be compassionate or sympathetic. But, holding this position is counterproductive to compromise or a satisfactory resolution.


Nelle was suppose to be the villain fans were suppose to hate nelle and support carly
But it backed fired hate not or nelle she does have a fan base
Carly has been ontop for so long alot of fans are sick of her


Carly is the Queen of RANT

If what Nelle truly wanted was to be forgiven, be better and start over then I would absolutely say give her that shot at redemption, after all worse people have been redeemed…BUT I don’t believe for a second that’s what Nelle actually wants. She doesn’t want peace, she wants chaos. She wants to get away with everything she’s done so that she can continue inflicting pain. Nelle’s a very sick individual and she doesn’t know what she’s feeling from one moment to the next, all she knows is deceit. I do think she needs psychological help but the thing is she’s so good at manipulating people that she could probably play any doctor that does try to help her.


I love to hate Carly she is one the most unlikable leading ladies in soaps. I was watching when Carly first came to Port Charles and was wreaking havoc on Bobby and the Quartermains. Nelle going toe to toe with Carly has been great. I loved real flashbacks and scenes of Carly leaving home.


I don’t think that Carly needs to be reminded of anything. She had always owned her mistakes. She put in the work. Nelle does not own hers or accepts responsibility for herself. She wants a free pass and does not want to put in the work.


I am looking at the Carly who slept with Tony Jones for revenge on her Bio mom Bobby and poured alcohol all over AJ to make him think he had been drinking. Now she has grown a "little’ since than so can Nelle. Carly never owns anything she always has excuse.


she gave michael to jason so aj couldnot get him
And the hurt and punish aj
Who are carly and jason to judge nelle for giving him to brad
Michael used avery as apawn to hurt sonny who is he to judge nelle


If Nell wants Carly to be her sister, she also wants her nephew to father her child? Sicko

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Has she though? I have only heard her lately & only peripherally own up to her past. If she has really owned up, she would not be so EXTREMELY judgmental of others ALL THE TIME.

Nell was right…Michael was Carly’s ticket to making everything everyone else’s fault back in the day.

I’d love to comment on this but I can’t because Nelle has entered the Shiloh-zone for me. Just like Shiloh in his final weeks, when I see Nelle I either mute her, fast-forward the scene or, as with yesterday, skip the episode completely.

Yes Carly has done horrid things, so has the majority of the characters in that town. But Nelle grates on me to the point where I simply can’t watch her anymore.


So very true!

Nelle has reminded Carly of all the terrible things she has done in the past and insists Carly admit she is just like her. I disagree. As you say, if Nelle wanted acceptance & forgiveness she would stop doing the things she is doing. Carly has never intentionally killed anyone nor left them in a burning car to die.

One thing that keeps coming back to me is that Carly gave to Nelle all that she wanted when she first came to PC, acceptance, love, monetary gain, etc. When she found out Nelle’s true identity she did say that what Frank Benson did to Nelle was wrong and that Jax was wrong to pay for her kidney. If Nelle had said that all she wanted was acknowledgement that she & Carly shared some traits I think Carly would have admitted that readily. Nelle used Carly’s gratitude against her & her family and has continually done things to Carly & others. This is a deep-seated mental illness for which Carly cannot be blamed.


Nell wants to be Carly, she’s so jealous she can’t see straight.


maybe its just me but im pumped for this storyline with nelle and carly
if nelle is ninas daughter its gonna be explosive
how will nina react to her daughters kidney being taken
will she still be kissing jax rare and telling him he did the right thing when she finds out it was taken from her daughter ?
i think val nina jax triangle is now getting started

I couldn’t agree more! Carly is a deeply flawed character and a schemer for sure but she’s no murderer. As you mentioned before, Carly and Nelle were very close in the beginning so if all Nelle’s wrongdoing had amounted to nothing more than scheming to break up Carly and Sonny, I really do think Carly would have eventually found forgiveness given her own admission of what Nelle had been through but that wasn’t enough for Nelle because for some reason she blames Carly for everything that ever went wrong in her life so she had to keep going after Carly even to the end of trying to kill her son and that is something Carly will never forgive.

Honestly, I think Nelle is incapable of redemption and not because of what she’s done thus far but because she’s absolutely obsessed with Carly. It’s like a compulsion and she just can’t help herself so she will keep wreaking havoc even to her own detriment. I almost feel bad for her because she’s so unwell and she’s not going to get her happy ending that she so desperately wants because she won’t allow herself to. Quite sad actually.


Nelle was so right on with that.


carly said michael and jason changed her
nelle has wiley who will be her jason ?
val ?

Carly is only 14 years older than Nell?

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