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Careful what you wish for,Victor-ia

I think the Princess just lost it. Her eyes were bulging as she screeched how she can handle it, ALONE. she doesn’t need anyone. OK, you howling screech owl. Handle it.

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I think she will handle it.

Victoria cannot win, she shows no emotion she is called an ice queen and cold.

She shows emotion she is called a screech owl or her emotions are somehow a detriment.

She is human and rightfully stressed and angry.


Are you sure?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

In all seriousness, for whatever reason, it’s just hard to feel sorry for Victoria. :woman_shrugging:


Victoria will handle it. As I have posted before, only 3 things keep her from being exactly like Victor. :grinning:


Victoria is just a hot mess…always has been. Not a lot other words to explain her.

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Victoria’s going against Adam isn’t gonna end well for her! She’s no match

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Shes so inconsistent. One day Hot next day cold. But she had nooooo busness running Billy down like that. She doesn’t call him when she has a problem taking care of her kids. She calls the Ranch. He has a job too.

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I don’t get her getting in billy’s face she’s uprooted those kids from their home to the ranch and now the tack house. She’s should be with them instead of running all over town worrying about NE. But I guess that’s her true baby


Good one :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: