Canadian Sept 27 at 3pm episode cut short to 30 minutes?

I watch in Canada on Global Maritimes at 3pm and it was cut short to 30 minutes mid scene! The same episode is on tomorrow at 12:30pm but appears only be 30 minutes as well. The new episode at 3pm is 60 minutes.

I watched the spoiler show at 1:30 here in BC and had the full hour

I watched a few bits on the blog site, it was the full show. That was about 2 hours ago.

At least you got to watch some of it. I’m in Winnipeg and it airs on Global at 4:30 p.m. It didn’t record at all. I’ve set my PVR to record tomorrow’s Us episode at 11:00 a.m. but it looks like it’s only going to be 30 minutes because after that it’s listed as to be announced.

What blog site?

There were supposed to be hearings regarding Capitol riots but I also heard that it may be postponed due to the hurricane.

The Hearings are postponed because of the Hurricane. They didn’t announce a new date yet. So today should be a full episode of our show.

My episode on September 27th was a complete episode…

I checked Rogers On Demand in Canada. Episode 253 was 40 minutes and ended showing the credits. I am now watching episode 254 and it is 60 minutes.

I wonder why the difference across the country…Crazy

Episode started with Diane giving the basket and Diane leaving Society after receiving a text message. Time says 40.07 minutes. Maybe less commercials when watchning On Demand?

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Yes there are definitely less commercials on Rogers On Demand…

the-young-and-the-restless-full-1. blogspot. com
take out the spaces, or google it. Same blogspot does the other soaps as well.

Thanks! :+1: I’m in Canada and I checked out that site. I am amazed that the videos play for us. Usually we get told that it’s not available in our country. I am definitely bookmarking this site. If I miss an episode I watch it in the Global app, but there are so many ads, and sometimes the app freezes.

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The video and audio are a little wonky, similar to how they appear on YouTube, but an alternative if I miss an episode.

It can be a bit “wonky” at times, but usually not. It’s unusual when it happens. What bothers me most is the darkness. if you see it on TV or see still pictures from the show, it’s so much lighter. But I can watch for free and FF, so I live with it.

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This happened to me, too.

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I watch most tv shows and movies on Moviebox (23 bucks a year for AD free) and HDWatch (completely free). However, Y&R is not available on those players. Sometimes I use YouTube.