Brooke pretty much admitted that Ridge is a wuss for not being there to protect his family

Sheila is the pathetic reason why he’s staying away :joy:


Ridge is all about himself. He talks about “protecting “ his family but no actual movement in that direction. I’m praying that they would discontinue to write the word because these men has no clue as to what it means except for Finn.


And she’s right!

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All true, but as much as I love, TK, Ridge has not been missed by me. Brooke is even more enjoyable with him gone. When Ridge comes back Bell has to do better. He needs to know when to cut his losses. Bridge is boring, he killed Tridge, and Ridge is a bad father and a lying jerk to boot. Ridge is the one who needs to go on an apology tour, he needs to start with me first. He is useless and would add nothing to this storyline.


Agree except for Brooke. She has been horrible like forever but the last five years has been unbearable. Now they’re trying to soften her. Just don’t buy it. Ridge adds the headache.