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Black & White

Could the black and white witch costumes have been any more obvious?! The emphatic explanation is that good witch Anna wears white while bad witch Alex wears black. I find this quite amusing for a number of reasons. Anna dresses in black most of the time, black pants, black skirts, black boots, etc. Anna lies and manipulates just as much as Alex but the implication is that she is a good person.

I know it is a soap staple to pit good against evil and I enjoy a good villain story. What I find irritating about GH is that the writers feel they must tell us who is good and who is bad rather than letting viewers decide for ourselves. I touched on this a bit in another post regarding Cyrus Renault. The most interesting characters to me are those whom we aren’t sure are all good or all evil or that have two sides, just as many people do in real life. Everything isn’t black and white but there are gray areas in everyone. Anyone who denies that is not living in the same universe as I am.

The best example on GH that exemplifies what I am saying is Willow. The writers have bent over backwards telling us she is pure, chaste, saintly, & incapable of anything other than cupcakes, unicorns, and rainbows. Most of you who regularly post find that vomit-inducing, as do I. Characters who are one-dimensional are boring, IMO. Also, I am a glass half-full kind of person so I like to try to find some good in every character.

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