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“Before Quinn Causes Any More Damage”

So disgusted and sick with all of these s/l’s involving Brooke. She blames everyone else and never puts the blame where it truly belongs. She needs a super sized mirror, so that she can look into it and recognize that she is at fault for all the mistakes in her life.

Quinn may have put the picture into the picture frame, but all of these people need to recognize Brooke for who she truly is. Donna is a little too late to be supportive of Katie. It is time for everyone to turn their backs on Brooke until she quits her manipulation and control. Too bad the writers won’t write a s/l where everyone turns against Brooke, at least temporarily. That would be good, interesting, and compelling drama.


Exactly what I am saying! Everyone needs to turn their backs on Brooke.This constant forgiving of her sexually appalling behaviorn only enables the smut bucket.


And don’t forget her main enabler and that’s Ridge. Both are sickening. We get to watch her bleat for the millionth time of him forgiving her when his a$$ was doing the same thing. Then he whines to Shauna about her and the pain she’s caused him and he was the one having the actual affair. We the viewers need to turn our backs on this 30+ year old storyline.


If not for certain actors on this show (like RS and TK), I would quit watching altogether. Tired of all of the Logan Love s/l’s. If you are not a Logan, then you are not worthy, apparently.


I’m sorry but forgiving someone does not mean a pass to do it again. Brooke has been forgiven plenty of times. Brooke herself has refused to change her ways.
Yet everyone else only gets 1 chance?


Brooke is always so anxious to shine the light on other’s faults but her own should go unnoticed. I’m sick of her calling out others, holding other’s accountable especially when she holds them responsible for her behavior as well as their own. I’m still hoping to see Quinn take Brooke down several more pegs before Bell has Brooke win this war that Brooke herself started.


Brooke needs to take several seats and I for one hope that Kate, Ridge and EVEN ERIC gets a clue and lets her stew in her own mess for a long time to come.


Quinn has only revealed secrets. The ammunition was provided by Brooke, Bill & Ridge. Only those 3 are to blame.


I don’t think Eric will ever get a clue. I’ve gotten to the point where I cannot stand Eric anymore. I wasn’t a huge fan of his to begin with, but his Brooke worship is getting out of hand in my opinion. At this point I truly believe Eric can walk in on Brooke and Bill having sex in Ridge’s office and still find an excuse for Brooke. JMHO.


I agree with yall. Brooke is Brooke. But how is it any diferent from Ridge making out with Shauna ( more than once) while they were separated. I really cannot stand Quinn. I really would laugh out loud if Eric threw her to the curb.
I feel bad for only Katie. She trust people who continue to betray her.



Sounds good but Bell will never let that happen

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I.M.O. — The difference between Brooke making out with Bill and Ridge making out with Shauna is that Brooke - of her own accord - took of her rings in an effort to blackmail Ridge into dumping Thomas from the family and from Forresters. Now, as EVERYONE already knows, Brooke herself has said that if someone (at the time she was referring to Katie) takes off their rings, it means the marriage is OVER! After she made this statement she then latched onto Bill like a starving blowfly on a dead dogs carcass. I don’t think Katie was even out the door before she had her legs wrapped around Bill! So Brooke herself ENDED their marriage - by HER OWN reckoning - by taking off her rings, so that means -according to Brookes own belief system - that Ridge was actually free to do whatever he wanted to whoever he wanted, so Brooke had no right whatsoever to interfere as she herself made these rules when she last dealt with Katie!
When she once again latched onto Bill, Brooke WAS NOT FREE! She and Ridge were back together and he was moving back in, it was then that she thought a little tonsil hockey with the father and fiancee of her own SISTER might scratch an itch. THAT–IMO – is the difference between the two. And before you ask, yes I think Ridge is an utter douche, he is using Shauna to get over Brooke and boost his fragile ego in the process. I hope I’m wrong in this because I really like the chemistry between T.K and D.R. I think they have a lot of potential if the writers give them a chance!


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the tittle said it all!
there is Brooke talking to Donna like it is NO biggy what happen between her and bill yet AGAIN and tho Quinn is rubbing her face it Brooke is like WHATEVER!
Brooke honestly thinks she has not done anything wrong and it was no big deal that ridge and katie are upset! the woman is UNREAL but then again she is properly right after all her sexually misadventures they will class this a hiccup!
:speak_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil:


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Because Donna offered to try to talk Katie into speaking with Brooke she is not being supportive of Katie. Donna is only supporting Brooke and her reprehensivle behaviour.


It’s different imo because Shauna is not the fiance of Ridge’s brother or the mother of Ridge’s brother’s child.

Plus nobody was harmed by Ridge kissing Shauna, Brooke had given her wedding band back to Ridge and signed divorce papers.

Whereas Bill was still in a relationship with Katie.


Shauna has no connection to Ridge or Katie. Bill, is Katie’s fiance, ex husband to both Katie and Brooke. It’s a big deal that Brooke kissed Bill as this is not the first betrayal by both to Katie. As Katie has said previously, after the 3rd or 4th time, Brooke’s apologies fall on deaf ears. Brooke has done this to her own daughter 1st with Deacon then with Nick. So, Brooke at this time does not deserve to get a pass.

Quinn has done nothing wrong here. She exposed Brooke and Bill. Big deal. If Brooke wasn’t making out with Bill there would be nothing to exposed.


Brooke made the mistake of kissing someone else. Only Ridge gets to do that. He carried on his little affair with Brooke’s enemy but how dare she kiss his enemy. Oh he had a moment of clarity when Quinn told him to go Shauna, he admitted he had been kissing her. But thanks to Quinn telling him it was nothing and not as bad as what Brooke did, he was soon able to carry on his affair with Shauna guilt free. Why should he care, Brooke will be there when he’s done blaming herself for hurting Ridge.


I thought that when Brooke was trying to explain why she was kissing Bill that she told Ridge that she was feeling a lot of stress because of the Thomas situation. That sounded more like she was blaming Thomas than herself as the reason for the act that hurt Ridge. I also think that Brooke is blaming Quinn more than she is blaming herself.

We do know that Brooke is going to be saying things like she is sorry for hurting Ridge because Brooke knows what behaviour is expected from her to help the other person to forgive her for her bad behaviour once again.