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Bad moves, Jack

Let me start this off by saying I don’t care about the feud between Kyle & Theo, it has always felt forced so there is that.
it is really rich coming from Jack acting indignant about their feud, he spend the majority of his adult life obsessing about Victor. Granted they aren’t cousins but no matter what his father, family or anyone else said or did he never let it go.

And finally he wants peace from them, so instead of setting up a peaceful project he pits them against each other

Jack is pissed off because they couldn’t put their differences aside for Dina. He has a right there. But continuing to force Theo on Kyle is wrong. Continuing to feel like he owes Theo something is wrong. Bringing about a competition between them that will ignite the feud is wrong.

I know he’s mad at Kyle for what happened with Dina. But he needs to stop putting Kyle on the same level as Theo when it comes to his loyalty. It’s disrespectful.


I wonder if this stems from his dysfunctional relationship with Dina?

She was a horrible mother and wasn’t really always a nice lady either


That’s a possibility. That could make for some good drama with the Abbott men. I don’t think the writers think that deep though.


Jack does not know about what might upset Dina. He should rethink her having visitors without a health professional being on hand. She could act out at any time. He left her in a vulnerable position, leaving her there on the couch and what if Jack himself could not have calmed Dina down?


I think that a better approach for Jack would’ve been to have both Theo and Kyle work TOGETHER on this project as a TEAM, duh Jack come on, you’re just dividing them even further!


I think they should work together but for the good of the company. kyle is theo’s boss, he expects him to bring him ideas, he shouldn’t put those ideas down if he thinks they are good. if these two guys actually put their differences aside they would be a good team. course its a soap so that is never going to happen.