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B&B Spoiler Video: Finn Has A Secret To Tell Steffy!

Well whatever it is I doubt it can be as bad as I had sex with my ex. I’m pregnant and I don’t know if I’m carrying his baby or yours.

Finn was able to get past that and I’m quite confident Steffy will be able to get past this. At least I hope so.

As perfect as Finn is, I bet it’s nothing.


He is probably adopted.


But he doesn’t know anything about his surrogate birth mother. Until he wears his sword necklace to the wedding and eagle eyes Hope sees it. She thinks he’s somehow related to Bill and then they all realize it’s not Bill it’s Quinn :scream::face_with_hand_over_mouth::scream::joy::joy::joy:

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Wouldn’t it be funny, Baby’s christening, christmas, thanksgiving, and there is Quinn….Brooke would have a conniption, hopefully and die….(nasty me)
Although Hope would only just have to say no she can’t go there and that would put paid to that…….


Does Finn really have a sword necklace or speculation? I got queasy just thinking that he is related to anyone already on the show. So sick of this show that border line on incest. Have to stop reading everything. Makes me to toss my cookies.

I’m sure it will be as interesting as his personality.


Wow @happens, @Mitchell111 and @Lynn1216, you guys are on a roll! :joy::joy::joy:


No we’re all speculating. I don’t think anyone knows anything about Finn’s past yet. The poster I responded to said maybe Finn’s adopted. As far as I know he has no sword necklace.

Just ridiculous that everyone has to be tied together one way or another.