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B&B Recap: Donna Gets a Rise Out of Eric - And Sheila Shares Her Fanstasy with a Dubious Deacon!

What else is Donna good for so no surprise here.


I knew this would be Sheila’s plan, just proves how bat sh@t crazy she still is!
@ Max LOL you are so right

Amen. I suspect that the reason I have no interest in either Eric, Donna or the honey is because this is basically ALL Donna is about.


Eric needs to put a stop to this. He can get it up just not with Quinn. It’s time to be honest and get a divorce. It is cruel to keep Quinn in this marriage. He is also being cruel to Donna. He’s using her.

Ugh, Hinn just had to go and tell mommy and daddy didn’t they. Steam are being so annoying about this. Their kids are not in danger. Sheila wants to break up their marriages , that is nothing that Steffy and Liam haven’t tried to do themselves before. Time to take the panic down to a 2. If they continue to treat their spouses like they are their children Sheila won’t need to scheme Steam will lose their spouses all on their own.

Why did wardrobe bring out that ugly jacket for Steffy again? It is even worse than the first time she wore it, and why did her hair grow 10 inches in 24 hrs lol

One last thought. Why were Steam together again? They didn’t come in with Kelly. Another “play date “ for them perhaps :thinking:.

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