Aw, poor Adam, the look on his face

Adam is his own worst enemy. He should have told Sally he thought it was best to pretend to separate to give her a shot as the top person in the media division. He never gave Sally the option to tell him no, it was a stupid and unnecessary idea. But instead of treating Sally like an adult he put her through a painful breakup. How is she going to trust him again?


I don’t see noble with him. I give him credit for coming clean about the giant lie but its too late, he should have trusted this woman he loved.


she can’t. I agree with your entire post, he never gave her the chance to give her opinion about it. Instead he hurt her in the worst way.


Adam has always had a way to ruin anything good that comes into his life. Like lying to Sally.


True says: Except he was cruel thinking he was protecting her. He couldn’t expect Nick to chase Sally.

And Sally was eager to be caught. Right?

That’s mutual boink attraction.


Mutual attraction that was invisible until they slept together and is still invisible.


I didn’t say it was personal. They’re boink buddies.


:rofl: perfect description


It’s irony kicking Adam in the ass. I recall him telling Sharon how he is the only man who treats her like she has a mind of her, and encourages her to make her own decisions, all the while trying to get Sharon while she was married or with someone. He never missed the opportunity to trash Nick or Rey.

Then with Sally, he became the man he trashed Sharon’s significant others of doing and being. He treated Sally like child, made decisions for her, robbed her of her agency and choice, and acted like he knew what’s best for her.


I like what Chloe said to him in today’s cdn about him doing this to himself…and honestly as much as he begged and cried he still not only dumped her, at least in part, to get revenge on Victor, and then he ignored Sally for 5 weeks while she was heartbroken, and only started sniffing after her after 1, Chloe told him not to go after her and then 2, after he sensed domething happened with Nick.

. He was horrible to her, even tried to get in cahoots with someone to manipulate her into telling the truth after dumping her. Lets remember all of it shall we…not just the last 3 or so weeks


He ignored 15 days in the soap. Only 15 days had passed.
He came back before she slept with Nick. They were going to kiss at the bar before Nick slept with her. He had been coming back to her for two days.

The last three weeks are only one week on the soap.

Then Sally to has to take a good long look at what lead Adam to make the decision he made.
At every conversation Sally was all about her career and job security. When Adam was at his worst with Victor after Victoria came back Sally was still pushing this narrative, “what about me”. Adam assured her he would find a way for her to keep her job, he did that.
Sally herself knew why he did what he did. She hounded him to admit it, but he didn’t. Should he have admitted it? Yes of course, but if he did she would have been out of that precious job. If Victoria had even gotten an inkling that they were still together Sally would have been out.
So yes Adam was harsh but he gave Sally what he felt she wanted and what she drummed into his head.


doesnot matter if adam didnot tell sally the truth or not
she chose to go screw his brother
she could of kept her legs closes concentrate on herself
but nope she bounced to her next meal ticket
bag secure


Meh… Adam had it coming


thats what adam said, she went to the next newman in line.


Sage and Adam were never together, until after Nick and her were already dating and had probably already slept together. I hate that they have them sleeping with the same women all the time, it’s disgusting, but Adam is just as bad as Nick is, and Sharon was in love with Nick first, and was going to marry him again, after she had been with Adam, so I don’t think she has ever not loved Nick.


Trust is something that should be earned, even from a partner you love. Sally didn’t show that


I agree with all of what you are saying.

There is a lot of blame directed at Sally for reasons that don’t hold up.

There has been a lot of mention about how short it has been since the break-up. My response is “And? What about it?

Sally did not break up with him, treat him like dirt, say cruel things and tell her she was pathetic and pitiful.

The timeframe is a sidebar excuse to blame her for his actions.

Adam did all that and more without any thought to the repercussions.

He should move along like Sally told him.

I am hoping they will get back together but too much has happened for her to just let it roll off and get back with him so quickly.

It doesn’t matter to some people. She can’t win. If she would have went back to him quickly it would have been said she has no self-respect.

She has decided not to reunite with him and to move on with Nick so she is being called too easy and cruel to Adam.


Right because only people want to remember the last few weeks were Adam became a sad sap and confessed his love because he sensed something was happening with Nick, not everything before it. This dude ignored Sally for weeks after dumping her EXCEPT on 3 separate occasions when hw was trying to get something out of her.

When he finally repented, he expected Sally to just jump right back to him immediately after his apology, but thats not how it works.


Clear eyed and excellent points. I think it reflects a misogynistic viewpoint to blame her. She tried repeatedly to make him understand she would and could give up her job. The cruelest cut of all was when he called her pathetic. The writers should never have put that line in his mouth. I think they both still love each other, but I don’t know how anyone comes back from that cruelty.