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Ava is going to get pregnant

Who here thinks she will

Yes I do. Looks like it is on the horizon. With her brother being written it out of her life, maybe it will be a good thing for her.


It is what I am hoping for!!!


I have been saying that Ava will likely get pregnant ever since their night at The cabin!
I am liking Ava & Nicholas together!
I think they have chemistry!


Ava’s character is way too old to be having another baby. Kiki was in her twenties when she died - Ava has to be in her early fifties. It is the very last thing she needs. And to get pregnant just to kill off a baby is just getting cruel. Why bother???

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Ava is 46 years old. She is not in her early 50’s. Her character is younger than Carly’s. Maura West is also younger than Laura Wright. So no she is not way to old to get pregnant.


I think at this stage of her life - the last thing she would want was to have another baby. Especially with someone she can’t even admit to being in love with. Why would she want to bring an innocent baby into that enviornment? Did she not learn her lesson with Sonny?

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When have Characters on Soaps ever learned?!

If they did…there wouldn’t be any drama to watch for…casing points Alexis…Carly…etc etc…


And while I am also in favour of Ava conceiving the little girl with Nikolas…

I can’t help but wonder if GH message to audience is that…when you are a Criminal (from killing someone)…as long as you procreate with the Mob Boss…your life gets to be spared! Is that it???

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They have loads!!!

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If Carly can have a baby so can Ava!

“kill off a baby”? What do you mean? Did I miss something?


She admitted her feelings yesterday…“of course I have feelings for you, you jack@$$!” :heart_eyes:


IMO , the next pregnancy will be Willow . She’ll sleep with Michael , be pregnant then find out about Chase and Sasha’s scam.
Carly as an older mom just had a baby . Don’t think they’ll do the older mom thing again .

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If Ava thinks stabbing someone is foreplay she doesn’t need another child. Just glad Avery wasn’t there. She’s sick ,

“kill off a baby”. …huh? I’m not understanding what you mean by that, if Ava and Nick have a baby that would be another Cassadine heir. At least now she could have a child that would live with her 24 hours a day instead of having to share like she does Avery.


She would not have a crazy step mom “Carly” who has always been obsessed with borrowing/taking other peoples children from. Cough Spencer.

I am really starting not feel bad for Michael only the length of time the story drug out with Wiley, bc Carly kept Michael from AJ and Spencer from Nik payback is a B@tch.

Ava may be able to get pregnant but that doesn’t mean she should! The only reason I could possibly think up as to why the writers would give Ava & Nikolas a child is so Nikolas would have someone who looks even younger than he does.


I loved that part! Those two light up the screen. :fire: She has a way of bringing out something interesting in Nicholas…finally. When he first came back to PC, I couldn’t stand him. He’s starting to grow on me.


So Michael needs to pay for something that happened to him as a BABY - that he had absolutely ZERO control over??

I will never understand this argument or rational. What was Michael supposed to do from his playpen or highchair to stop Carly from taking him away from AJ??

I’m going to make a general clarifying statement instead of responding to everyone individually.

I stand by what I said about Ava. She and Nic can BARELY acknowledge their LIKE for each other - let alone their love. Their “relationship” is very rocky and unstable - dysfunctional at best. Not a good enviornment to bring an innocent baby into. Just because she CAN get pregnant and have a baby - doesn’t mean that she should. I think in general GH is just babied out right now. I think it would be a completely unnecessary pregnancy - with the baby shoved up to the attic once their “15 minutes of fame is over”.

Yes Carly had a baby - but where is she right now? How many scenes do we see Carly in with her? Donna is another “attic child” - just like Wiley is now.

These writers have done a lot of stop and start pregnancies over the years. Cruel falls - and miscarriages - stolen babies - killing off children. Giving women the joy of pregnancy - then taking it away for their “shock and awe” storylines. I’m just sick of the misery of it all.