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Asking for advice here. Do you suppose

that if I had my throat slit, and my vocal cords lacerated, that my medical care providers would advise me to bathe those vocal cords in vodka? I suppose it might reduce infections from… oh well, you know…


I hear alcohol does wonders for inflammation. Sure that’ll help a lot. So her cords are to damaged to sing but talking non stop is good for that injury? How serious could it have been to damage one ability but not other? I know nothing of vocal cord injuries but assume rehab would take longer than just walking around with bandage on neck.


LOL! One would think that at the very least Brook Lynn’s voice would be raspy.


I know isn’t that stupid? Get rid of the bandage already. :roll_eyes:


She will need plastic surgery from scar

Nah, I bet she won’t have a scar at all! Maybe a fake one for a while then they will just leave it off! I remember RoHo saying he hated having them put that scar on Todd’s face everyday!

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This makes me wonder how long they will leave those hideous scars on Dante’s back. The bullet hole in his chest from where Sonny shot him seems to have disappeared.