Anyone remember Capitol?

Just before The Bold and the Beautiful started on CBS, I think there was a soap called Capitol. There were several actors that went on to other soaps from there, I think???


I remember Capital it was so good too.


Was a child lie kindhearted but for some reason I remember the intro of a woman walking in DC in a fur coat. Is that itπŸ˜†?

I enjoyed it, too.

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I liked it too!

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The McCannless? I remember actor Billy Beyers played Wally in love with Brenda.

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Jess Walton started on Y & R after Capital was cancelled.

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I would catch it occasionally but my parents were hooked on that show, as my dad had retired. They loved Myrna Clegg (Marj Dusay, Marla Adams, and Carolyn Jones AKA Lily Munster), Constance Towers, and Jess Walton.