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Anyone Know Much about Medicare supplement

I just got my medicare A & B but now i need to get a supplement anyone know of a good supplement ins, I need to get it for prescriptions any info be would helpful… thanks

I am also new since September of last year. I was also so confused and a friend told me about Boomer Benefits. They are super nice, very informative and know their stuff. They will ask you what kind if prescriptions you are on, any medical problems and give you advice on costs, deductibles and such. Just go to boomerbenefits for more information. Best of luck! I can’t send attachment but you just put a dot com after the boomerbenefits

Thank You very Much…Its so confusing… appreciate it…Im going to the site now…

I have Medicare for 7 years and my supplemental is thru AARP United health

in 7 years I pay my premiums and have never received any doctor or hospital or lab work bolls I was in hospital 4 days never a bill

Medical advantage plans great …hubbie had huge heart Bill from hospital I owed 300 for everything …a bargain…cost about eighty dollars a month you should compare …jmo. Covers drugs with usually free generic drugs …preferred is usualy about 45 …but we use generic …