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Any Another World fans still out there?

I loved Another World.

Yes, still miss it. My mom & I watched it together when we could.

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I started watching it with my grandma. I was so bummed when they took it off the air! I was out-of-town the last week it aired and had no idea it was being canceled until I returned. Do you remember how they wound up the story-line of the man that could change his facial appearance? It was pretty creepy as I recall! Or maybe they didn’t wind it up…

Me!!! Started watching in the 70’s. But my favorites didn’t come until the early and late 80’s. Anna Stuart (Donna Love) and kale Browne (Michael Hudson).


My memory is shot. However, I taped the last week & still have it somewhere. I do remember that Cass & Lila got married. I’ll have to find the tape & watch. I have no idea who the man who could change his facial appearance is. I also remember that Rachel found Carl so they were reunited. The last day they had Rachel in the Cory mansion looking at all the photos. I Will Remember You (or something else sad) was playing & I cried my heart out.

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There was a gentleman from Another World…don’t know the actor’s name…he was tall and had long beautiful gray salt pepper he hair and goatee…very distinguished British voice…and he always wore it in a ponytail…well he played a popular New York artist on a Sex and The City episode…he encountered Charlotte at her gallery and wanted to ummm paint her portrait…ummm episode had me blushing anyone know his name or seen Sex and The City? Or that episode

That would be Charles Keating. He played Carl Hutchins on AW. I believe he died In 2014. He was always a good villain & believable even after they reformed him.

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Days of our Lives and Another World were my favorite soaps growing up.


He sure was elegant but mannn that episode of Sex and The City made me blusssh

Hi there! My mother started listening to AW when it was still a radio drama. She was there from the start, so of course I watched it my whole life. My favorite memories were of Cass/Kathleen/Felicia and Wally. Those 4 were hysterical. The reformation of Carl with Rachael made me swoon (and I was a teenager). I loved Charles Keating so much. After AW went off the air he played Zeus on Hercules and Xena. He was at a convention and was signing autographs, everyone around was handing him Zeus pics and I handed him the 50th Anniversary book from AW. He just smiled and said, let’s find a good one for me to sign.