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Anna cut her hand

Val is going to be able to tell that Alex is not Anna because she cut her hand.


Don’t forget that Val knows Anna is in the white witch costume and not the black one… I can’t wait for next week… it looks to be very interesting with the Anna/Alex swap and I hope Val plays a prominent part in that storyline!


If Alex is smart she will make Anna swap clothes with her and cut her hand as well. If the writers are going with this tired story line again they need to not make it so glaringly obvious. Before when Alex was impersonating Anna it didn’t take a rocket scientist to be able to see the difference. Alex walks differently and she enunciates her words differently. What fun is it if anyone can plainly see the difference?

This twin s/l has gotten so tired. Anna should go on a long vacation!


A long vacation and take her sister with her.


Maybe that’s the point…for it to be obvious to Valass and yet not so obvious to others like Finn?!

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