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Animal Kingdom

Anyone watching Animal Kingdom on TNT?

I have watched a few of the eppy’s but none of the characters are even rootable except maybe the KID but sadly he don’t

even have a “chance”!

Right now he still has a moral compass but how much longer?

The son’s are all hot except the one who went to prison!

And the dude who is gay…really has some hawt scenes even though I’m female they are

steamy & animalistic!

At least the couple I saw were!

That mom is really a piece of work but now I understand a little more with the older dude raping her & knocking her up

when she was only 14!

She shut down & now only knows to con/lie/steal/cheat/hustle/grift!

Criminal & evil to her core!

LMBO! I guess it’s a lil like Sons of Anarchy but with less peeps & way less clothes! :blush: :blush: :blush:

This is a great show! I can’t wait for it to return. All of the “boys” are in so much competition for "mommy’s affection, albeit in a sick way and Smurf MUST be the queen bee, even over the boy’s wives/girlfriends, whatever. It is such a sick, sick relationship with all of them. J, the grandson had some hope to get out of the crap and be decent but at the end of the season, he ended up saving the family and himself and playing one of their games and outsmarting the cops. Of course, granny Smurf was very proud. I just hope he stops before he becomes like them to the core.

Coming back May 30th…