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All Scandal lovers!

Who is really into Scandal? Here’s your place to post, speculate about what’s to come and dish on what has happened. :smiley:

I want Fritz to marry Olivia this season!

I am hoping its real that she FINALLY is willing to fight for their love BUT I had hoped for season after season that she and Jake would be together.He IS single AND loves her.Going up against Smellie Mel plotting, scheming and conniving to keep her spot is going to be too much for those 2 imo. Mellie is no I have liked Mel at various times, got to love that pit pull tenacity, Liv is my

I would love to see Olivia and Fitz together! They are a steamy couple. But Jake is too hot to be wasted. Great show! Lucky Olivia two choices.

Olivia and Fitz had to be the worst kept secret in Washington. Glad to see them finally step out of the shadows. Question is, where do they go from here; can a sitting president have a wife and a girlfriend?

I am so sick of liv and fitz. The sitting president with a girlfriend. I love scandal but not them.

Those two are wrong in all kind of ways, but I wouldn’t want my Scandal without them.

I’ve never liked Fitz. He is like a whimpy lovesick puppy and I don’t find him appealing at all. I know I’m a minority. :slight_smile:. I really wanted her to be with Jake. HE is very hot! Still, I am loving this season. I really hated last season and the one before. I don’t like the excessive over the top sex and violence. This season has been great :slight_smile:.

I would love to see Olivia respect herself and tell her married lover to finalize his divorce.

ITA Eve and fortunately this is nighttime adult television and the show is centered around Olivia always has and always will be.She is the core of the show and majority of the audience love her in spite of the fact she is the girlfriend of the POTUS. In fact he ,his wife and his staff are all so flawed , adultery is the least of the president’s fear concerning exposure.It’s about the only thing he’s been ,directly or inadvertently ,involved in that isnt an impeachable

Yes I do recall a little murder POTUS committed a few seasons back. Lord knows these characters have more than enough skeletons in their closets, but they keep finding room to push more in, lol.

He just packed her things moved them in and did not ask or consult her. He just told her that she WILL BE LIVING THERE.

That was strange!

Fitz is to much in love. He listens to what ever she says. When she walks in a room that he is in he looses his train of thought.

OMG OLIVIA! :astonished:

I think Olivia belongs with Jake; (hope the rumors of him leaving are not true) because their relationship is more than sex(Fitz) and ownership. They spent time away on the island and fell hard for each other, it was only when they came back to DC that they were challenged (her kidnapping).

I would rather see Olivia with Jake, IF it weren’t for the fact that Jake is married to Papa Pope. He would never be loyal to Olivia.

I just don’t think Fitz can be faithful PERIOD. I do think he loves Olivia without a doubt though.

And, there are big rumors that this may be the last season of Scandal, less episodes, etc, etc. SUPPOSEDLY because of Kerry’s real pregnancy, but we shall see. I hope it isn’t, but you never know. :frowning: